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The Indianapolis Power and Light Company building shows its patriotism.

Our View: Should Christians vote?

How faith works at the pollsEditorial Board | Echo The United States holds a unique position. Few modern countries have held to democratic values like this nation for the past two hundred years, while protecting its citizens right to vote. Yet the polls remain unattended by many. The Pew Research […]

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Presidential candidates Marine Le Pen, left, and Emmanuel Macron will represent opposing parties in Sunday’s election (photo provided by Claude Truong-Ngoc).

French election nears completion

Candidates clash on global issues and membership status in the European UnionBy Wilson Alexander | Contributor The events of the last twelve months (Brexit, the election of Donald Trump and the escalating tensions in North Korea, to name a few) have brought uncertainty to the global political landscape, unknown since […]

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“Please feel free to approach us. We are listening and we would love to get to know you.” – juniors Chin Ai Oh and Noah Nemni. (Photograph by Mindy Wildman)

Oh and Nemni elected 2017–18 SBP and SBVP

Voss and Purcell defeated by 82 votesBy Annabelle Blair | Echo At 6:50 p.m. on Thursday, Nicole Arpin, current Student Body President (SBP), and Adam Wright, current Student Body Vice President (SBVP), broke the news: juniors Chin Ai Oh and Noah Nemni will serve as Taylor’s 2017–18 SBP and SBVP. […]

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Student Body President and Vice President poll results

Students speak up on how they vote and perceive electionsInformation compiled by Annabelle Blair | Echo The Echo polled Taylor students on the upcoming SBP and VP elections, generating 663 responses. Students were asked if they intended to vote and if they attended the election forum hosted by Taylor Student Organizations, […]

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Current Swallow Robin Student Senator Ashley Dexter runs uncontested for reelection (Photo by Katherine Yeager)

Candidate comparisons

Your guide to who they are and why they’re runningBy Katherine Yeager | Echo Student Body President and Vice President Nicole Arpin and Adam Wright For current Student Body President, senior Nicole Arpin, and Vice President, senior Adam Wright, the roles of Student Body President (SBP) and Vice President (VP) are […]

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Hello, Mr. President

Hello, Mr. President

Taylor students weigh in on Inauguration Day

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How can we listen to America's disenfranchised? Photograph provided by Michael Vadon

Should I go home?

Fear, faith and the power of empathyBy Robert E. Aronson | Faculty Contributor This article is adapted from “‘Should I Go Home’ and Other Utterances,” published in Global Health Now A Bahamian student stopped me in the hallway on Wednesday morning, just hours after the election results came in. “My […]

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America needs loving Christian voices amidst all the fear of the future.

This point forward

Give unity a chanceBy Alex Horb | Contributor “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best . . . They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” – President-elect Donald J. Trump This is just one of the many controversial things […]

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The line to vote stretched to the poll location door at times (Photo by Naomi Page).

Decision Grant County

A local election briefBy Annabelle Blair | Echo Residents of the Upland area directly surrounding Taylor’s campus voted at Upland Community Church––the poll location for Jefferson 1st and 3rd precincts. The poll location remained open between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Tuesday, with some election officials beginning work at […]

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Students and faculty listen to the “After the Voting Booth” presentation in Zurcher Commons. Photo by: Naomi Page

Civility and constituent conversations

Reactions to Decision 2016By Katherine Yeager | Echo On Sunday, November 13, Taylor University Provost Jeffery Moshier requested that the following statement be included in this article: “Taylor University is a place where we continually challenge each other to grow together in community and in the image of Christ, and where […]

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