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Freshman Erin Teevans contemplate the resurrection.

Our View: Easter and after

The Easter holiday helps cause constant reflectionEditorial Board | Echo The resurrection is the most important event in history. The truth of the resurrection has brought joy, hope and peace to believers all over the world, and is the overarching theme of all Christian belief. As the focal point of […]

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The Mexico Spring Break team poses for a picture on location.

Our View: Missions have changed

The evolution of short-term missions and its effectsEditorial Board | Echo Short-term missions have been evolving over the past ten years. It is no longer people moving west to east, but rather the church moving in all directions. However, college students’ interest in short-term missions have been slowly declining. According […]

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New York legally includes abortions under health care in clinics like Upland's health center. Sophomore Bri Kinsey visits the local establishment.

Our View: New York bill faces discussion

Reproductive Health Act sparks controversyEditorial Board | Echo *See the bottom of this page for facts about Roe V. Wade and New York’s Reproductive Health Act. New York has the highest abortion rate of anywhere in the country. According to the New York Department of Health, between the years of […]

by · March 29, 2019 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
Junior Erin Hetrick heads out the door for her break.

Our View: Spring Break

Is nine days enough to recharge?Editorial Board | Echo Spring break is upon us, and while students are anticipating the nine days of relaxation, some may question whether nine days is enough time for stressed college students to recharge. The Editorial Board believes so. Laura Edwards, assistant professor of psychology, […]

by · March 15, 2019 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
Sophomore Noah Huseman and Junior Brett Lawson participate in a heated rivalry.

Our View: Dorms need to love

Rivalry can lead to unintended consequencesBy the Editorial Board | Echo It is common to identify ourselves not only by who we are but also by who we are against. This is clearly seen in our campus rivalries. The Editorial Board has agreed that competition is not inherently bad. However, […]

by · March 1, 2019 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
A student studies in her dorm room.

Our View: Dorms deteriorate

Taylor’s facilities need more attentionEditorial Board | Echo Taylor University was founded in 1846, and quite frankly, it seems as if some of the university buildings have not been renovated since that day. Leaks in the ceiling of Rupp, the lack of air conditioning in Wengatz, Olson and English, and […]

by · February 22, 2019 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
Samantha Korn and Cody Tait share a Valentines Day moment

Our View: Couples celebrate love

Feb. 14 thrives on a budgetEditorial Board | Echo Every year, Valentine’s Day comes and goes, a holiday people celebrate with their significant other. Couples who have spent years together and those just beginning their relationships come together and tell each other what they mean to the other. This holiday […]

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Rev. Dyson spends time with Juniors Thaddeus Vanoverberghe and Nathan Makintosh.

Our View: Diversity across campus

An assessment of Taylor’s diversity engagementBy Editorial Board | Echo The Rev. Greg Dyson began his new position as special assistant to the president for intercultural initiatives on Jan. 2. Dyson’s position, among other things, will have him reporting directly to the president and creating a strategic plan for diversity […]

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A student exercising in her clothing of choice

Our View: Covering up the KSAC

A discussion on the recent KSAC dress codeEditorial Board | Echo At the start of the semester, new dress code posters were added to the Kesler Student Activities Center (KSAC). According to Kelle Maloney, KSAC student activities director, these posters are present to act as a reminder of the dress […]

by · November 30, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
“Tree of Life” is just one of the many movies offered to freshmen for foundations

Our View: Senior movie reviews

Seniors reflect on Foundations filmsEditorial Board | Echo The foundations of the Christian liberal arts requires its students to watch three out of four films and one play. “The main purpose is to use what we think is an important medium in our world: film,” Jeff Cramer, associate professor of […]

by · November 9, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials