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Donald Trump surveys his new wall

Our View: President Trump’s new wall

Controversy concerning the U.S. Mexico borderBy The Echo Editorial Board Editors note: paired with this article is a column of facts that are useful in understanding the issue at hand.  For several years now, the argument concerning the border of the US and Mexico has been a dominating presence in […]

by · March 8, 2019 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
The debate of what seasonal greeting to use affects much of our lives

Our View: Christmas confusion

What greeting to use and when to use itEditorial Board | Echo As the holiday season kicks into gear, cheerful seasons’ greetings can be heard in houses, stores and classrooms all over. Many Christians, going about their daily tasks, don’t think twice about wishing a “Merry Christmas” to friends and […]

by · December 7, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
“Tree of Life” is just one of the many movies offered to freshmen for foundations

Our View: Senior movie reviews

Seniors reflect on Foundations filmsEditorial Board | Echo The foundations of the Christian liberal arts requires its students to watch three out of four films and one play. “The main purpose is to use what we think is an important medium in our world: film,” Jeff Cramer, associate professor of […]

by · November 9, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
The Indianapolis Power and Light Company building shows its patriotism.

Our View: Should Christians vote?

How faith works at the pollsEditorial Board | Echo The United States holds a unique position. Few modern countries have held to democratic values like this nation for the past two hundred years, while protecting its citizens right to vote. Yet the polls remain unattended by many. The Pew Research […]

by · November 2, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
Students join the Halloween fun with festive decorations.

Our View: Trick or treat?

Christians discuss HalloweenEditorial Board | Echo Halloween is often times considered a taboo in Christian circles. It is uncertain how it should be handled by the Church, so sometimes it is neglected all together. However, it is believed to have originated with the Celtic people, as a holiday that signified the […]

by · October 26, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials
Sophomore Chloe Sohmer uses a fan to cool down inside Olson Hall.

Our View: Facebook commenters need to cool it

Research supports adding air conditioningBy The Echo Editorial Board The Echo Editorial Board consists of Co-Editor in Chief Chrysa Keenon, Co-Editor in Chief Gabby Carlson, Opinions Editor Drew Shriner, Features Editor Grace Hooley, News Co-Editor Rayce Patterson and News Co-Editor Holly Gaskill. Hope Bolinger’s article entitled “Taylor University needs to […]

by · October 2, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · Editorials