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Junior Deborah Settles spends reads in a rare quiet spot

A treasure hunt for introvert space

A student shows how Taylor is geared for extrovertsSonya Downing | Contributor Dorms. The student center. Euler’s seating areas. The couch clusters in Zondervan, Nussbaum and Rupp. Extrovert space overflows from Taylor like gold and jewels from a treasure chest, but where is the introvert space? Is there any? “It […]

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A group of girls gathers at the Penthouse Coffee House to play cards and drink some coffee.

First round results are in

Rating September and October open housesBy Kassidy Weemhoff & Lauren Rink | Echo   September 26 – Penthouse Coffee House We credit this floor of Samuel Morris Hall for kicking off this semester’s open houses with a relaxing and welcoming environment. Peers gathered around tables to play board games or […]

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Opinion: Do our dorms do their job?

Opinion: Do our dorms do their job?

The ugly truth about psychological abusesBy Olivia Lauritzen | Contributor Living on Taylor’s campus is designed to be an intentional community, a place where students can count on their peers for support and help — but is that accurate? Having lived in a dorm for two and a half of […]

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Dorm Sweet Dorm

Dorm Sweet Dorm

Getting to know your new homeBy LeighAnn Wolle | Echo English Hall: Tori Guilford – junior “English is unique because of the suite-style rooms. The living area feels like a really welcoming place for people from your own wing, other wings and even other dorms to come and spend time. […]

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Flourishing friendships

Flourishing friendships

Friends shine flashlights into our livesBy Jessie Stover | Contributor At Taylor you will experience four years—maybe fewer—hearing some keywords over and over again. You will speak “right relationship,” “flourishing” and “intentional community” in your sleep. And while these words will be made fun of or used in a sarcastic […]

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Taylor decks the halls

Taylor decks the halls

A quick tour of the holiday open housesBy Sarah Davis and Lindsay Robinson | Echo Wengatz No one was at the Wengatz open house. Not even Wengatz. Sparsely strung lights and a small Christmas tree lavishly bedecked the lobby, welcoming confused women to the party. Wengatz men still took advantage […]

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Room drop

Room drop

They don’t stalk Facebook; room assignments are based off of submitted surveysBy Cassidy Grom | Echo Six weeks ago, many first year students spent their first night in the dorms a few feet away from a snoring stranger. Now, mere weeks later, freshman answer the question “Where are you from?” […]

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Norris' open house petition suggests two frameworks for potential hours. (Illustration by Matthew Morse)

Open house hours petition

Open house hours petition argues for open minds about weekend visitation hours.

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