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Students hang out in the lobby of Berg.

Uncovering Berg spirit

A look inside Bergwall HallBy Ellie Tiemens | Echo From the outside, people see Bergwall Hall as a home to the majority of student athletes — close to the Kesler Student Activities Center (KSAC), updated facilities with perks like air conditioning and a skywalk that connects it to the Dining […]

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Students pose for a photograph in front of Olson Hall.

Looking at life in Grace Olson Hall

Home on a college campusBy Hannah Wells | Contributor Grace Olson Hall is a conjumble of emotions, people, opinions, experiences, laughter and life. It is loud. It is joyful. It is busy. It is home. It is not home because of the comfortable temperature of the building, the amenities, the […]

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The dorm friendly recipe book: Christmas edition

The dorm friendly recipe book: Christmas edition

Festive treats for all your holiday needsBy Kassidy Weemhoff | Echo The whirlwind of the Christmas season is upon us (literally). Amidst the hectic open house prepping, exam studying, post-Thanksgiving working out and Silent Night anticipating, you need to take a snack break. It’s important to take time to warm […]

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A group of girls gathers at the Penthouse Coffee House to play cards and drink some coffee.

First round results are in

Rating September and October open housesBy Kassidy Weemhoff & Lauren Rink | Echo   September 26 – Penthouse Coffee House We credit this floor of Samuel Morris Hall for kicking off this semester’s open houses with a relaxing and welcoming environment. Peers gathered around tables to play board games or […]

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Seniors Sophie Finlay and Sara Bergen enjoy the serenity of their cozy apartment while doing homework.

Moving on up (and off campus)

What it is like to move out of dorm lifeBy Kassidy Weemhoff | Echo A fruit-themed house and a farmhouse chic apartment are where you can find some Taylor seniors living this year.   Whether in an apartment of in off-campus housing, moving out of a dorm for senior year […]

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Caramel apples can be sticky and messy to eat.

The dorm effecient recipe book

Fall snacks to curb your cravingsBy Kassidy Weemhoff and Lauren Rink | Life & Times Co-Editors When Taylor gets a taste of fall, it’s all over. Pumpkin spice everything takes over our social media feeds, little pumpkins adorned with gold calligraphy start showing up as decorations and we all begin […]

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Stacking furniture saves students space . . . and sanity (photo by: Rayce Patterson).

Four dos and don’ts of the dorm room

Quick tips to be a campus championDo: Get to know your neighbors Relationships are the lifeblood of campus life, and the people you will most likely build the closest relationships with are your neighbors. It’s important to get to know your floor or wing early so you can all live […]

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Seniors Beth Shrontz and Esther Flores-Orellana welcome students into apartment living.

Apartment living

Things you need to know about Taylor’s apartmentsBy Braden Ochs | Echo Students often have questions when moving into the university apartments: Campbell and Wolgemuth Hall. Will it be different from dorm life? Will it be harder to deal with more roommates? Several Taylor students who are moving into the […]

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