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Taylor students bring Christ’s love to Marion

Taylor students bring Christ’s love to Marion

Realize volunteers recount their experiencesBy Victoria Lawson | Echo Every Tuesday evening, Taylor and Indiana Wesleyan students volunteer at ReaLife, a student-led community outreach ministry. Students meet at the top of the Dining Commons at 4:45 p.m., eat a meal together and then take Taylor vans to the Boys and […]

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Students head to Basics ministry at UCC.

Students serve at Basics

Connecting Taylor to the Upland community By Lily Smith | Echo Every Wednesday night at 5:55, Taylor students file out of the Hodson Dining Commons wearing neon blue and orange shirts, each student proudly displaying the Basics logo.  The students all hop into their individual cars or into vans and […]

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Pastor Andre Mitchell spoke in chapel on Wednesday as a part of Local Church Week.

Our View: Church and chapel matter

Church and chapel both have vital rolesBy The Echo Editorial Board The Echo Editorial Board consists of Co-Editor in Chief Chrysa Keenon, Co-Editor in Chief Gabby Carlson, Opinions Editor Drew Shriner, Features Editor Grace Hooley, News Co-Editor Rayce Patterson and News Co-Editor Holly Gaskill. There are few things more intimidating […]

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The local Sunday shortlist

The local Sunday shortlist

Avoid being a bedside baptist with these churchesBy Kassidy Weemhoff | Echo This Sunday is the first time Taylor students will be attending church outside of campus this school year. For some, this is the first time in their lives they might be attending a non-home church. For others, this […]

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For the old building, Taylor is seeking ideas for potential uses of the space. (Photo by Riley Hochstetler)

Trusting God at blank slates

UMC entering into a new buildingBy Grace Hooley | Echo Stacks of chairs line the halls of the new Upland United Methodist Church (UMC) building, symbolizing the people that will soon fill them. It’s an empty room with a wooden stage on one end. It’s not a cold, lifeless space; […]

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Bringing Grace

Bringing Grace

Church seeks to bring change in communityBy Chin Yi Oh | Echo Grace United Methodist Church has brought in a new director of student ministry and Senior Pastor to foster new youth ministry that is not confined to the four walls of a church. “Our idea about change for the […]

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An established church away from home could be a spiritual lifeline.

On choosing a church

Students offer pros and cons for five places of worship in the communityAsk any number of students, faculty or staff on campus, and they will tell you one of the most rewarding experiences during their time at Taylor has been attending their church. But with the number of churches in […]

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Photograph by Natalie Nohr

Starving artists

Missing a strokeBy Natalie Nohr | Contributor Art is hard to find in churches, and many do not notice its absence. Picture a contemporary church: the sanctuary—or auditorium—the seats, a projector or two, the stage, maybe a fog machine, the steel-lined windows, the taupe walls, the glass doors, the warehouse-style ceiling. […]

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Why are millennials leaving the church? It’s not because of our church buildings. (Photograph provided by Luke A. Wildman)

You foolish Galatians!

Millennials and the ChurchBy Joseph Mosse | Contributor The large-scale exodus of the millennial generation from Church has inspired a flurry of worried speculation about just what the Church is doing wrong. Millennials accuse the Church of hypocrisy, lack of engagement with political or social justice issues, exclusivity, close-mindedness and more. […]

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Why are millennials leaving the church? It’s not because of our church buildings. (Photograph provided by Luke A. Wildman)

What’s the Church really saying to young people?

We have lots of programs—but what are we saying with them?By G. Connor Salter | Contributor If effort is the only measure of success in the Church’s attempts to reach millennials, then the Church is doing great. There are plenty of youth group programs dedicated to reaching young people. Christian […]

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