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Christians currently make up 4% of the total population of Jordan, 95% of Jordanians are Muslim. (Photograph provided by Abigail Roberts)

From the birthplace of Christ to martyrs’ ground

The story of Christians in the modern Middle EastBy:  Abigail Roberts | Contributor In the 20th century, Christians made up over 10 percent of the Middle East, today that number has dropped to less than 5 percent. Factors such as emigration, growing religious intolerance and persecution play significant roles in […]

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Israel and Palestine are a cultural hub for many religions. (Photograph provided by Abigail Roberts)

Introducing the 700-year-old Christians of the Holy Land

The personal account of a Palestinian ChristianBy Abigail Roberts | Contributor Palestinian Arab Christians trace their history back to the day of Pentecost. It may seem odd to see the words Arab and Christian side by side. Yet, today, over 160,000 Christians remain in Palestine/Israel, many of whom live in […]

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Young marriage at a Christian college

Pushing that ring by springBy Kenzi Nevins | Echo “Ring by spring” is a commonly-heard expression wafting across Taylor’s campus. As graduation looms, more and more engagement announcements seem to pop up, but how true is the rumor that Christians—especially Taylor students—get married earlier in life? According to a Pew […]

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Hawkins’ words inspire us to look deeper into our beliefs and how they affect our treatment of others.

Allah = Yahweh?

Doc Hawk carries a mixed bag of theologyBy Becca Robb | Echo   Professor Larycia Hawkins disturbed many Christian circles when she proposed in December that Muslims and Christians “worship the same God.” Though I admit that this statement seemed borderline heretical to me when I first read it, I’m more willing […]

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