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The debate of what seasonal greeting to use affects much of our lives

Our View: Christmas confusion

What greeting to use and when to use itEditorial Board | Echo As the holiday season kicks into gear, cheerful seasons’ greetings can be heard in houses, stores and classrooms all over. Many Christians, going about their daily tasks, don’t think twice about wishing a “Merry Christmas” to friends and […]

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What we view in our culture can have a big effect

When the jokes go too far

How our words affect the culture we live inSam Jones | Echo Not many other topics seem to be drawing as much attention as the discussion of rape culture. I would say ― and I believe this opinion to be quite popular ― that rape is one of the worst […]

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Discover modern day miracles.
(Photograph provided by Aubree DeVisser)

Exploring a life of faith and miracles

A tale of surprising salvation and relationshipBy Aubree DeVisser | Contributor “Detours to Destiny” is a fascinating memoir of Elling B. Halvorson’s life as a businessman who also strived to pursue ministry in his work. Each chapter holds unbelievable, intriguing evidence of the tenacity and integrity that Halvorson has shown throughout […]

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What advice does the Bible give for our contemporary view of engagement?  (Photograph provided by Megan Alms)

A romantic’s view on how scripture and engagement combine

A review of a book about engagementBy Megan Alms | Contributor Since the contemporary idea of engagement is a cultural phenomenon which did not exist in the same way when the Bible was written, scripture tells us little on how we should live as engaged individuals. “Letters to a Romantic: On […]

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David Blevins spoke about the story of Ireland and what being an Irish Christian journalist is like.

Irish journalist visits Taylor

Blevins speaks on conflict and journalismCheri Stutzman | The Echo David Blevins, Irish journalist for Sky News, spoke to a number of students on Wednesday  Oct. 10, on the history and the hope of Ireland. Taylor was one of several colleges Blevins was visiting to give his talk, titled “How […]

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What is the balance of living as a Christian? (Photograph by Elizabeth Hartmann)

‘Resurrecting Religion’ searches for ways for people to care for others

A book about our calling to care for the poorBy Tim Pietz | Contributor Through Scripture and examples from his ministry experience, the Rev. Greg Paul opposes the legalism of “religion” by challenging Christians to resurrect true religion. However, he knows the solution is not a private, irrelevant faith but must […]

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Intentional community extended

Christianity in the secular worldBy Sarah Gorman | Contributor I’ve only been at Taylor a year and a half, but that’s enough time to have experienced the “Taylor Bubble,” as it’s often called. The Christian campus feel, the middle-of-nowhere feel, the everybody-knows-everybody feel, and the intentional community Taylor prides itself […]

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One nation under nationalism

One nation under nationalism

America isn’t a Christian nation By Savanna Sweeting | Contributor America is not a Christian nation. “We are all complicit in the injustices against basic human rights and common decency, to put it mildly, which renders our own ‘inalienable rights’ as questionable or obsolete,” says artist Sufjan Stevens in an […]

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Taylor faculty awards Guinness with an honorary doctorate. Following his chapel speech, Guinness fielded a variety of questions on topics ranging from his heritage to entrepreneurialism (photo by Elyse Horb).

Guinness answers community’s questions

A brief summary of the Q&A session on WednesdayBy Cassidy Grom | Echo Taylor University awarded Os Guinness, a Christian author and social critic, an honorary doctorate on Wednesday, March 29. After he spoke in chapel, Guinness participated in a Q&A in Cornwall Auditorium. Below, are some of the audience members’ […]

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Spiritual renewal messages left some listeners questioning Christians’ priorities.

Condemnation and mercy

A theology of domination or a theology of the cross?By Kevin Diller | Faculty Contributor Spiritual renewal talks this week brought us helpful and often poignant reminders of the preeminence of Christ in and for all things. Through Jesus, God is “loving us to life,” and there can be no […]

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