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Bree’s Beat

Bree’s Beat

Velasquez inspires farmersBree Bailey | Contributor Baldemar Velasquez grew up in a family of immigrant farmworkers in Southern Texas. At the young age of five, he spent his days in the fields alongside his parents working long days in the hot sun. Outside of their control, his family was transferred […]

by · October 12, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · News, World/National
Bree’s Beat

Bree’s Beat

Persecuted Christians kept from AmericaBree Bailey | Contributor Young Anmar left for school one morning just as she had every other day. To her horror, when she arrived, the building where she had spent every weekday for her education was reduced to rubble. Her family quickly fled for their lives […]

by · October 2, 2018 · Comments are Disabled · News, World/National
Bree researches each story for her column, heartbeat by heartbeat. (Photograph by Ruth Flores-Orellana)

Bree’s Beat

Eruption results in emergency evacuationBy Bree Bailey | Contributor The Indonesian island of Bali is a well known vacation getaway. However, this week, rather than maps for tourists, they are distributing masks for locals. Ash filled the air as Mt. Agung erupted on Saturday. Authorities issued the highest-level warning possible […]

by · December 1, 2017 · Comments are Disabled · News
The International Justice Mission hosts yearly 24 hour fasts to prevent human trafficking and slavery.  (Photograph by Hannah Bolds)

Freedom fast to fight human trafficking

Students push to end slavery with a 24-hour fundraiserBy Gabby Carlson | Echo  Slavery is a major problem in the world today. For many, it means looming death. But through the Freedom for Slavery Fast, students are able to make a difference. The International Justice Mission (IJM) hosts this event […]

by · November 10, 2017 · Comments are Disabled · News