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Photo provided by Alyssa Roat

Seeing Paul through the eyes of an enemy

“Keeper’s Crown” presents personal look at ancient RomeBy Alyssa Roat | Echo Starved for a book that is not a textbook, but still want to learn something? You might want to check out “The Keeper’s Crown” by Nathan D. Maki. Quintus always dreamt of winning the victor’s crown. As the son […]

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Discover modern day miracles.
(Photograph provided by Aubree DeVisser)

Exploring a life of faith and miracles

A tale of surprising salvation and relationshipBy Aubree DeVisser | Contributor “Detours to Destiny” is a fascinating memoir of Elling B. Halvorson’s life as a businessman who also strived to pursue ministry in his work. Each chapter holds unbelievable, intriguing evidence of the tenacity and integrity that Halvorson has shown throughout […]

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What advice does the Bible give for our contemporary view of engagement?  (Photograph provided by Megan Alms)

A romantic’s view on how scripture and engagement combine

A review of a book about engagementBy Megan Alms | Contributor Since the contemporary idea of engagement is a cultural phenomenon which did not exist in the same way when the Bible was written, scripture tells us little on how we should live as engaged individuals. “Letters to a Romantic: On […]

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Let's sit down and have an honest talk. (Photograph provided by Megan Alms)

Book embraces questions about relationships

An honest talk with honest students  By Megan Alms | Contributor An evangelical college campus is a mosaic of conflicting ideals, especially concerning sexuality. Peers at secular schools say sex is casual. Christian professors say sex is holy, but restrained. Parents say sex is prohibited altogether. The mixing of these ideals […]

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Are you prepared for a breathtaking suspense novel? (Photograph provided by Wikimedia)

Mysteries and monsters uncovered in supernatural novel “The Assault.”

A review of suspense novel “The Assault”By Jori Hanna | Contributor The Harbingers series is designed almost like a TV show. Each author writes from one character’s point of view, and each novella both has its own story arch and fits into a larger story arch of the whole series. […]

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“Perfect” is a novel for teens dealing with eating disorders. (Photograph provided by Megan Alms)

Tweens deal with eating disorders in ‘Perfect’

Is ‘Perfect’ really that perfect?By Megan Alms | Contributor Ever since her father died, Isabelle Lee has struggled to cope with loss. Lee’s mother is always sad, her sister seems lost and Lee has developed an eating disorder. Forced to join an eating disorder therapy group, Lee becomes unlikely friends […]

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What is the balance of living as a Christian? (Photograph by Elizabeth Hartmann)

‘Resurrecting Religion’ searches for ways for people to care for others

A book about our calling to care for the poorBy Tim Pietz | Contributor Through Scripture and examples from his ministry experience, the Rev. Greg Paul opposes the legalism of “religion” by challenging Christians to resurrect true religion. However, he knows the solution is not a private, irrelevant faith but must […]

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"Land of Silence" is a story about healing and forgiveness. (Photograph by Elizabeth Hartmann)

Searching for healing and forgiveness in the “Land of Silence”

After a life of pain, will she dare to reach out for healing?By Elizabeth Hartmann | Echo Tessa Afshar’s novel “Land of Silence” brings to life the story about the bleeding woman who dared to touch Jesus’ garment. Ever since her brother died because of her thoughtlessness, Elianna, the daughter of […]

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Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt – Book Review

Thoughts on living life with less baggageBy Megan Alms | Contributor When asked what she would do with her life if she didn’t have to worry about money, Allison Vesterfelt responds, “I would drive across the country and write a book about it.” But you can’t just leave everything to […]

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Heather Davis Nelson helps readers remove the mask of shame to reveal who they are in Christ: redeemed and loved. (Graphic by Becca Eis)


Student reviews “Unashamed: Healing our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame”By Megan Burkhart | Contributor Unashamed: Healing Our Brokenness and Finding Freedom from Shame by Heather Davis Nelson  Crossway Publishers, Paperback, 192 pages Shame. We can’t vacuum it up. We can’t diet it away. We can’t even hide it behind our […]

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