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Students head to Basics ministry at UCC.

Students serve at Basics

Connecting Taylor to the Upland community By Lily Smith | Echo Every Wednesday night at 5:55, Taylor students file out of the Hodson Dining Commons wearing neon blue and orange shirts, each student proudly displaying the Basics logo.  The students all hop into their individual cars or into vans and […]

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A student opens his Bible for study

Learning how to learn

Class teaches fundamentals of Bible studyJed Barber | Echo The old adage goes, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Yet often in my own life, I find myself settling for spiritual “fish” […]

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What advice does the Bible give for our contemporary view of engagement?  (Photograph provided by Megan Alms)

A romantic’s view on how scripture and engagement combine

A review of a book about engagementBy Megan Alms | Contributor Since the contemporary idea of engagement is a cultural phenomenon which did not exist in the same way when the Bible was written, scripture tells us little on how we should live as engaged individuals. “Letters to a Romantic: On […]

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A conservative response to Excalibur

A conservative response to Excalibur

Refocusing the debateBy Sonya Downing, Carson Jacobs and Tim Pietz | Contributors Tim Pietz I’m a “conservative,” though that’s a dumb word. It’s a word that puts crucial biblical truths on par with a wall across the Mexican border. It’s a word that squeezes the American Dream somewhere into the […]

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Yes, chapel needs grounding, but keep it online

Letter-to-the-editorI wholeheartedly agreed with most of Professor Richard Smith’s article, which outlined a game plan to give theological grounding to our chapel program and education — except one thing. He suggested that chapel services should no longer be broadcast and stored online in order to focus “on the spiritual needs […]

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Under the Radar: Redefining the Norm

Under the Radar: Redefining the Norm

New community-oriented approaches to fighting extremism are being used to counter the Islamic State group’s recruitment efforts in Europe and the U.S.

‘Noah’ bobs around but ultimately floats

‘Noah’ bobs around but ultimately floats

Forget Noah building an “arky-arky.” This Noah is mad, mad, mad at those who disobeyed God, and he shows it. While definitely taking liberties with the story, the new film “Noah” always points back to God in its deviations. It’s a visually astounding, well-acted and thought-provoking piece of cinema that reinvents the biblical epic. And it definitely has people’s attention.

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