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Can you see the unusual twist on the ordinary? (Photograph by Ben Williams)

A New York artist brings a unique twist on the ordinary

Join a fellow pilgrim wandering through lifeBy Elizabeth Hartmann | Echo Everything seems normal until you look closer. From traffic jams to brushing one’s teeth, the art exhibit in Metcalf gives strange twists to the mundane and ordinary things in life. “Mala’s paintings on paper are an exploration of a pilgrim’s […]

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Junior Abby Gonzalez studies Clovis Blackwell’s artwork. (Photograph by Kassie Joviak)

Looking at the end through artwork

The inspiration behind the Clovis Blackwell art exhibitBy Elizabeth Carrier | Echo Clovis Blackwell’s work has a not so “end of the world” outlook on the possibility of apocalypse. In Dissolution: Where Do We Go From Here? (i.e. Maybe it’s Not So Bad After All), Blackwell uses large-format serigraph prints and […]

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Student admired the work in the 2016 All Student Art Show. (Provided by Kim Hapner)

All Student Art Show

Artists from across campus display their workBy Grace Hooley | Echo Photography. Design. Illustration. 2D and 3D art. The categories for the All Student Art Show beginning today may seem like chapter headings in an art textbook. Students on Taylor’s campus will offer up their work to be judged prior […]

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(Photograph by Mindy Wildman) Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg, Tal Gilboa and Matt Kleberg opened their exhibition by sharing their thoughts about their works.

“Through Sunset into the Raccoon Night”

New York artists create Metcalf’s exhibitionBy Laura Koenig | Echo There are no raccoons roaming this exhibition. Instead, oil paintings, projections, bent plexiglass and ringing bells fill Metcalf Gallery. Oil paintings displaying bold colors, straight lines and empty spaces cover the left side of the gallery while projections reflected off […]

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(Photograph by Ruth Orellana) Sophomore Alicia Garnache peers into the magnifying glass on artist James Hapke’s sculpture.

They’re having fun

Two artists explain their role in Metcalf’s art exhibition, “Are We Having Fun Yet?”By Chrishauna Curry | Contributor On Friday, Nov. 11, Joshua Cave and James Hapke held their opening reception and art talk for their exhibition “Are We Having Fun Yet?” in the Metcalf Gallery. Hapke, a painter from New […]

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osh Welker paints finishing touches on “Astrobleme.” This exploding star is currently on display in Grand Rapids. (Provided by Josh Welker)


Professor Welker enters art in ArtprizeBy Grace Hooley | Echo Assistant Art Professor Josh Welker drove past the Sierra Madera crater. He had recently finished an art piece for an exhibit called ArtPrize that will be held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He originally titled it “The Exploding Star,” but something […]

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Welcome to the Wild West, Taylor

Welcome to the Wild West, Taylor

Walking through Metcalf Visual Arts Center, you may notice a few changes. Cowboys and Native Americans stare at you as you walk to class. And you may stare back. These stunning paintings and sculptures come from the personal collection of Taylor friend Leland Boren and his late wife LaRita Boren. Along with the artwork, a series of lectures will be presented by a variety of speakers.

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Seniors prepare for studio art exhibit

Seniors prepare for studio art exhibit

Art majors unveil four years of workBy Keeton Yescott | Echo In life, the best things are worth waiting for. Like deep friendships, endurance and cheese, the process takes time, but the outcome is worth it. For studio art majors, this is very much the truth. They work diligently for […]

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