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Years worth of experience makes for innovative designs. (Photograph provided by

Clay and Kindred Spirits

Clay art gallery beginning FridayBy Grace Hooley | Echo Worn craftsman hands are working through a lump of clay. At first, they harshly move and prod the 12-pound mass as it spins on the wheel. Though soon enough, the hands soften as they begin more intricate designs. Eventually, a wonderful […]

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Student admired the work in the 2016 All Student Art Show. (Provided by Kim Hapner)

All Student Art Show

Artists from across campus display their workBy Grace Hooley | Echo Photography. Design. Illustration. 2D and 3D art. The categories for the All Student Art Show beginning today may seem like chapter headings in an art textbook. Students on Taylor’s campus will offer up their work to be judged prior […]

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(Photograph by Mindy Wildman) Elizabeth Stehl Kleberg, Tal Gilboa and Matt Kleberg opened their exhibition by sharing their thoughts about their works.

“Through Sunset into the Raccoon Night”

New York artists create Metcalf’s exhibitionBy Laura Koenig | Echo There are no raccoons roaming this exhibition. Instead, oil paintings, projections, bent plexiglass and ringing bells fill Metcalf Gallery. Oil paintings displaying bold colors, straight lines and empty spaces cover the left side of the gallery while projections reflected off […]

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(Photograph by Ruth Orellana) Sophomore Alicia Garnache peers into the magnifying glass on artist James Hapke’s sculpture.

They’re having fun

Two artists explain their role in Metcalf’s art exhibition, “Are We Having Fun Yet?”By Chrishauna Curry | Contributor On Friday, Nov. 11, Joshua Cave and James Hapke held their opening reception and art talk for their exhibition “Are We Having Fun Yet?” in the Metcalf Gallery. Hapke, a painter from New […]

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(Photograph by Laura Koenig) Two elementary students work on their clay African masks at this week’s art lesson.

More than arts and crafts

Taylor art education majors teach art lessons By Laura Koenig | Echo Little fingers designing African masks, middle school students molding clay and high school students deepening drawing and painting skills—Taylor art education majors use these skills to organize paid and volunteer lessons for kids in the community this semester. […]

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(Photograph by Naomi Page) Sophomore Margie Crosby paints for this semester’s water-based media class.

The arts outlined

Check out the different groups and classes around campusBy Grace Hooley | Echo Vocals, cello, flute, handbells—no matter which instrument, Taylor offers multiple outlets for musical talents. With spring registration beginning, check out these opportunities to audition for to use and expand your gifts. Vocal Ensembles: Adoration Chorus (Women’s chorus) […]

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There will be art from seven artists displayed at “A Heads Up Game.” (Photo by Naomi Page)

Heads up game

New art exhibit in MetcalfBy Grace Hooley | Echo The head. It consists of a face, a brain, thoughts, emotions, ears, eyes, a nose, a mouth, maybe freckles or a wart. A head is full of possibilities, yet it’s only as unique as the creator makes it. Its potential is […]

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More than an IOTA

More than an IOTA

Metcalf’s first art exhibit of the yearBy Grace Hooley | Echo  As anxious students begin this year’s journey into Taylor’s community, curious eyes turn to the Metcalf Gallery. Among the boxes, clothing, decorations and greetings, Metcalf kicked off the semester with a Linnea Spransy art exhibit. From August 24 to […]

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Art for everyone

Art for everyone

Art Department presents the All Student Art ExhibitBy Danielle Barnes | Echo Today, select students from all majors on campus fill the Metcalf Gallery with artwork from the past year. This exhibit is a special event that allows students to enter their artwork to be displayed publicly. Each year, a different […]

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An art observed

An art observed

Where would expect to see paper owls, taxidermied animals, bone drawings and crazy furniture all in one place? At the studio art show, of course. Come see senior art majors showcase their unique work tonight at 8:30 p.m. in the Metcalf Gallery.

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