Students to venture back to “Pangea” for Mosaic Night
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Students to venture back to “Pangea” for Mosaic Night

The Echo interviews MESA president about upcoming Mosaic Night event

By Lexie V. Owen | Echo

The Echo interviewed Multi-Ethnic Student Association’s (MESA) President and senior Jerchovia Moxey about Mosaic Night and Global Market. She gives insight into the event’s details so students can know what to expect Saturday night.

Echo: What is the purpose of Mosaic Night and what do you hope to accomplish in this year’s edition of the event?

Jerchovia: The purpose of Mosaic Night is to celebrate expression and uniqueness. Mosaic Night was mostly created by international students who realized that there was no outlet for them to share their culture with the rest of campus. There was Airband, MyGen and Nostalgia Night, but there wasn’t anything that identified with them (international students); thus, Mosaic Night was created. If you think about the word “mosaic,” we are all a compilation of experiences, culture and values, but together we can create something so rare and eye-catching. Through Mosaic Night, MESA seeks to do what our cabinet’s written mission statement says: to support minority groups, educate Taylor’s campus and provide eye-catching programs. We really want to stay true to Mosaic Night’s platform of cultural expression and education

Echo: What is the theme of this year’s Mosaic Night and why was it chosen?

Jerchovia: This year we decided to take a different spin on Mosaic Night. Traveling or a related theme has been very popular, but we decided to go with Pangea: the supercontinent. We hope to accomplish the realization that culture evolves throughout the years and is affected by many external factors. Imagine if the world was actually one continent. Would culture even exist?

Echo: What are the acts this year and what were the reasons for choosing them?

Jerchovia: Mosaic Night is very popular among international students and those heavily interested in other languages. We’ve had some groups who’ve told us that they have been practicing since January. Our veteran groups are KPop, Irish dance, Latino Student Union (LSU) and the Bahamians. Without a doubt, these groups audition for Mosaic Night and get more creative and more technical each year. It was really difficult for us to select acts. Mosaic Night isn’t only a performance. When groups step on stage they are baring their hearts, the songs they love and the dances they’ve grown up with, but we have to choose based on preparedness and stage presence.

Echo: How competitive are tryouts and what can people expect come show time?

Jerchovia: There seems to be some rivalry between acts for the last spot of the show. LSU and the Bahamian group typically battle for the finale spot. Both are great acts and are definitely crowd favorites.

Echo: What are the details concerning the Global Market this year? Are there any new additions?

Jerchovia: Global Market is always fun to work with. It’s . . . a taste test of foods from all around the world. Of course, we have new editions like India and Belgium. The others, well, you have to come and see for yourself.

Echo: When is Mosaic Night and Global Market and where are each of the events located?

Jerchovia: Global Market begins this Saturday at 5:30 and ends at 7:30 p.m. in the Student Union. Mosaic Night starts afterward at 8:00 p.m. in Rediger Auditorium.
Tickets are $5 and give you access to the Global Market and Mosaic Night. Tickets can be purchased during lunch and dinner in the DC and the Union. They can also be purchased at the door the night of the performance but MESA encourages people to purchase tickets in advance.

(Thumbnail photograph by Shannon Smagala)

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