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Students showcase their extensive musical skills

Reflecting on senior recitals

Senior Erin Davis celebrates vocal talents with her final recital. (Photograph by Ellie Bookmyer)

Senior Erin Davis celebrates vocal talents with her final recital.
(Photograph by Ellie Bookmyer)

By Ethan Rice | Echo

For some of these seniors in the music department, their time at Taylor will be capped off with a senior recital to showcase their musical talent and the skills they’ve grown over the past four years. Three of these seniors, Kevin Copeland, Erin Davis and Caroline York, reflected on their time at Taylor and the impending culmination of their studies.

“The feeling is very surreal,” said Copeland, who will be performing on the trumpet. “The past semester has been filled with great reflection and anticipation toward the future. The music department, definitely, helped grow my musicianship and ability to be a successful music teacher. Taylor has helped me fully embrace the calling God has on my life and I have made some truly lifelong friends while attending.”

Copeland will be sharing his recital with his friend senior Alyssa Henrikson, one of the many friendships forged both within and beyond his major. The strength of community and relationships forged was a common thread between the memories of the musicians.

York highlighted the professors in the music department, expressing gratification for the staff who have cultivated a personal environment of mutual respect through their small classes.

While reflecting back on their academic journey, the seniors also offered advice for those who will follow them in the department.

“Collaborate!” York advised new music students. “Step outside of your comfort zone and bond over music. My only regret in the music department is not doing that more often. Share your music. As artists, we should always be creating and if we’re creating we should be sharing, otherwise how do you grow?”

As the final curtain falls on this class of students, they look forward to what the future holds, while taking time to enjoy their last weeks on campus. A big part of this will be their recitals. As Davis described, they could tell their friends and family or what they’ve learned or, through these performances, they can show them.

All the recitals are performed in the Recital Hall. Although many seniors have already performed, senior Gardner Stewart will have his tonight at 7:30. Davis has her recital at 4 p.m. on May 12 and senior Clara Loisch’s is on May 13 at 3 p.m.

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