Student body president and vp poll results
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Student Body President and Vice President poll results

Students speak up on how they vote and perceive elections

Information compiled by Annabelle Blair | Echo

The Echo polled Taylor students on the upcoming SBP and VP elections, generating 663 responses. Students were asked if they intended to vote and if they attended the election forum hosted by Taylor Student Organizations, with the options of “Yes, No and Unsure.” The poll generated at minimum 486 responses per question.

Seventy percent of respondents intend to vote in the election; 15 percent do not and 15 percent are unsure. When asked if they were aware of the candidates’ stances and platforms, a few respondents offered comments: “I’m not voting purely based on who I know, but I do know my candidate’s stances and agree with them also;” “I will be doing my ‘homework’ on them very soon! Yes, I plan on becoming aware of their platforms;” “Don’t care at all to be honest.”

Note from the editor: After sending out the survey, we realized that we did not provide an option for respondents to indicate they were undecided about who they will vote for. We apologize for this oversight.

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