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All Student Art Show

Artists from across campus display their work

Student admired the work in the 2016 All Student Art Show. (Provided by Kim Hapner)

Student admired the work in the 2016 All Student Art Show. (Provided by Kim Hapner)

By Grace Hooley | Echo

Photography. Design. Illustration. 2D and 3D art.

The categories for the All Student Art Show beginning today may seem like chapter headings in an art textbook.

Students on Taylor’s campus will offer up their work to be judged prior to the show. Students can submit as many pieces as they wish as long as the art was made within the last year. Assistant professor of graphic design Ryan James explained that art majors are expected to submit something.

“My hope is always that people submit,” James said. “It’s scary sometimes . . . They don’t think they’re good enough; they don’t think that their work is worthy of being in the show. You will never know unless you try.”

Seven full-time art department professors held an initial round of judging to decide what pieces went into the show. Then a graphic design professor at Indiana Wesleyan University will decide which pieces receive which awards during a closed jurying that happens before the show begins. The awards will be announced at the beginning of the show tonight at 6 p.m. There will also be music and refreshments to celebrate the gallery’s opening.

“We (hire a juror) so we can remain impartial to a degree,” James said. “Having a juror from outside of our walls come in helps keep things impartial and unbiased.”

The highest monetary award given will be the Haines Purchase Prize, worth $1,000. The second highest monetary award will be Best of Show, worth $350. There will also be First Prize ($100), Second Prize ($50), Third Prize ($25) and the Mitchell Purchase Prize based on artwork sale price (the chosen piece will be purchased at the labeled price). There will also be department awards for art students. The gallery will be open for two weeks for anyone to walk in and view the art.

Junior graphic design major Isaac Beaverson has never submitted artwork for this annual show but is now offering up three pieces, and he is deciding on entering a fourth. His submissions will consist of two illustration prints and one wooden sculpture.

“I think it’s a really cool opportunity for students to contribute formally to an event like this but also to get recognition for their work that most people don’t get to see on a regular basis,” Beaverson said. “It’s also kind of a vulnerable thing to be able to be critiqued, but also the opportunity (is) just really gratifying.”

Co-chair of the Art, Film and Media Department Jonathan Bouw believes this is an opportunity for students to show off their talents, and this is a way to prepare art students for what they may face in the future. Bouw enjoys seeing his students realize they have talent and get rewarded for it.

Both Bouw and Ryan encourage students to submit work and come see the show when they can.

“I would also encourage people to make time to make it over to the gallery and experience what their peers have made because it’s really an awesome sight to see all the student-made work in one place at one time. It’s really kind of overwhelming sometimes to see the beautiful things that all of this campus can make,” James said.

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