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Stand up for your sibling

Making a difference, one stance at a time

By Gabby Carlson | Echo

Women’s Programming (WOPRO) is putting on an event for everyone. Man or woman, Stand up for your Sibling is something you don’t want to miss. The event is being held on Nov. 9 from 8–9:30 p.m. in Rediger Auditorium. It is an event encouraging students to be vulnerable with each other and in turn, not feel ashamed of their baggage.

“We got this inspiration because we wanted to make sure that everyone on campus realized that we all struggle with the same things,” sophomore Kristin Alt said. “This is one of the big reasons we have started inviting boys and girls to Stand Up for your Sibling.”

This will be a space where students can come and fill out a questionnaire full of things that college-age students struggle with. Once the questionnaire is filled out, they are collected and shuffled, then given back to students at random. The surveys are colored so boys will recieve boy surveys and girls will recieve girl surveys and only switch among themselves.

Christina Brandsma has been working on WOPRO's event, "Stand up for your Sibling since the beginning of the semester. (Photograph by Ruth Flores Orellana)

Christina Brandsma has been working on WOPRO’s event, “Stand up for your Sibling since the beginning of the semester. (Photograph by Ruth Flores Orellana)

Then, as the person on stage reads through the list of questions, those who have that question marked on their anonymous piece of paper will stand. This year, they will be adding male speakers as well to read the questions, according to junior Becca Eis. The visual perception is to show the importance that people are not going through the hard things in life alone. A band of believers, or siblings, have committed the same sins, even if it is uncomfortable to talk about.

According to Alt, WOPRO has been working closely with the counseling center during the process as well, making sure the counselors are ready for anyone who may need to share when the event concludes.

The event is one of the biggest ones WOPRO puts on during the year. Planning has been in the works since their staff retreat at the beginning of the semester, according to Christina Brandsma, graduate assistant for discipleship.

“At the core of the event is the power to challenge the feelings students have of being the only one at Taylor struggling with something with the truth that they are not alone, and that God’s love transcends even the hardest parts of our stories,” Brandsma said.

This is the sixth year the event is being put on and only the second year men have been invited.

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