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Spotify: Football Favorites

See Taylor’s football players’ pre-game playlists


Listen to the full list here:

Name: Blake Wheeler

Year: Senior

Position: Linebacker

Number: 36

“Requiem (The Fifth)” – The Trans-Siberian Orchestra



Name: Everett Pollard

Year: Sophomore

Position: Quarterback

Number: 15

“From Time” – Drake (radio edit)

“Keeping the Faith” – Billy Joel (Live at Shea Stadium)

“Strawberry Bubblegum” – Justin Timberlake


Name: Hans Lundberg

Year: Senior

Position: Tight End

Number: 87

“Gotta Be Somebody” – Nickelback

“Handlebars” – Flobots

“Psycho” – Puddle of Mud


Name: Kyle Windebank

Year: Senior

Position: Wide Receiver

Number: 5

“Have you ever seen the rain?” – CCR

“Rocky Mountain High” – John Denver

“Fire and Rain” – James Taylor

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