Volleyball digging deep during most recent losing streak


Lauren Taylor | Echo

The Trojans are fighting hard through this season. Taylor is currently fourth in the conference with a record of 12–7. Despite the adversity they’ve met, the team has focused on discipline and has attained success.

Last week, the team earned a four-game winning streak, with victories over Bethel College, University of Saint Francis, Spring Arbor University and Indiana University East.

Sophomore Callie Drage shared that she felt they were really beginning to gel as a team, playing more fluidly than they had in the past.

“We knew what we needed to do, and we got it done,” Drage said.

Junior Addy Bailey says the team is taking the season one game at a time, focusing on where they’re rooted. She feels that having a strong foundation in Christ and giving Him all the glory is what leads to their success.

After dealing with some hardship over the weekend, the team has recently found a focus on discipline. Instead of getting down about the hard losses, the team chooses to view them as opportunities to grow and reveal where they need improvement.

This Wednesday, the Trojans met their rival, Indiana Wesleyan, yet again. They attained victory against Indiana Wesleyan at their last meeting, so the team went into this game with confidence and determination. Each player was very intentional going into this game, watching film and constantly keeping game day in mind.

The Trojans fought a hard battle but fell short, losing in three games. They came out strong, bringing the first game to 25–27. The team had many great hits and blocks and showed incredible teamwork throughout the match. However, their efforts did not bring them a victory.

Bailey and senior Becca Gerig lead the team in kills against Indiana Wesleyan. Bailey attained nine kills while Gerig had six kills. Despite Bailey and Gerig’s efforts, Taylor still lost to Indiana Wesleyan in the kill category. The Trojans ending with 27 while the Wildcats ended with 44.

As they proceed through the season, the Trojans keep the goal of making it to nationals engraved in their minds. Bailey says that they focus on one game at a time, working on their self-discipline and improving daily to get there. She says it’s important to enjoy the process, not just the end goal.

This weekend, the Trojans will be traveling to compete in the Olivet Nazarene Tournament. They will be playing against various out-of-conference teams, including nationally ranked teams.

The Trojans will take on Saint Francis this afternoon at 3 p.m. After that they will play Saint Thomas at 7 p.m.

“Photograph by Brad Timmerman”