Trojans Take Two


Kyle Keck | Echo

Men’s and women’s tennis got some love over the weekend as both Taylor teams grabbed a victory at the Indiana Wesleyan Tournament.

The men’s team started strong by edging out Georgetown College 6–3 but was later defeated by IWU 7–2. For the women, Taylor started the morning right with a 5–4 win over IU Southeast. But the motif of the weekend continued for the No. 25 IWU women’s team. They defeated Taylor 9–0 as the Trojans ended their spring season.

The men’s morning match versus Georgetown resulted in four singles victories. Senior Devin Moore and sophomore Juan Ramirez won in straight sets at the No. 1 and No. 2 singles slots. Freshmen Alex Jung and Jacob Scott served up a pair of singles victories as well during each of their nail-biting matches.

The men’s doubles teams doubled up on wins as both of the Trojans’ doubles matches ended in a TU victory. Scott and senior Carlos Guarin waltzed their way to an 8–1 win in No. 3 doubles. Taylor’s No. 1 doubles duo, consisting of Moore and sophomore Chris Robbins, won an 8–4 match as well.

This season has been Moore’s first with a racket since high school. The Wheaton, Illinois, native spent four years as a midfielder for the TU soccer team. Moore adjusted easily to the new sport due to a welcoming team atmosphere.

“I really appreciate their encouragement and have loved working hard with them,” Moore said. “I’ve really just tried to follow their lead and learn from them.”

The TU women tallied two doubles wins and three singles wins versus IU Southeast. Junior Katherine Marquez showed dominance in her match by defeating her No. 1 singles opponent 6–1. Freshman Annika Zeilstra pocketed a No. 6 singles victory, while sophomore Ashlen Nisley took home her No. 5 singles match as well.

The No. 2 doubles tandem of Marquez and sophomore Sarah Smith came out on top while the No. 3 duo Zeilstra and freshman Seven Wieland followed suit.

The Taylor men’s team will face off against Hanover College in a home match today at 4:30 p.m.

Photograph provided by TU Sports Information