Sporadic schedule affects softball season


Matt Csakai | Echo

The softball team’s season could be described in one word: long. Early on, games kept getting pushed back, cancelled or rescheduled, and it has taken the team a while to get into a good rhythm.

“We finally got over the hump,” senior catcher Davis Carter said. “We recently got over close one-run games, where we have been the ones coming out on top.” Carter, as well as coach Bowser, spoke to the resiliency that they have seen in this team. “I have no doubt that if this team is down in the 7th, they can come back and win.”

In the last few days, games have been changed around so much that the team does not know if they are going to play or not until just hours before the game is supposed to start.

Just this week, the double-header they were supposed to play against Huntington was cancelled due to inclement weather. As of now, it has not been rescheduled. Their games on Tuesday against Grace got pushed back to Thursday, also pushing their double-header against Goshen back to Friday.

Head coach Brad Bowser said earlier on in the season that many double-headers could be built back into the schedule, with the team playing around three per week, with the possibility of one on Saturdays as well.

So many different factors have come together to create difficult playing conditions on the field, but off the field, this team is very relaxed.

“Most teams are super serious, but that’s just not us,” Carter said. “This team plays so much better when we’re relaxed and having fun.”

Through all of the difficult games and situations that this team has had to deal with this year, they enjoy each other’s company and play well as a group.

The team suffered tough losses against No. 2 Marian, despite putting up more hits than Marian did. Bowser talked about this team being one of the teams to beat earlier on in the season.

“There are lots of good teams in this league — IWU and Marian being our top competition,” Bowser said. “We have to get out there and fight everyday.”

The Trojans will play a double-header on Friday at Goshen and then a double-header on Saturday at St. Francis.

“Photograph provided by Brad Timmerman”