New season, new attitude


Blakelee Steeb | Echo

The school year has started, and many students are getting used to campus. However, Taylor’s football team has been on campus for nearly a month preparing for their season.

The team lacked experience in key positions last season, which may attribute to the lack of execution on the field. In order to improve their record (4–7), the team must be less individualistic and more team-oriented.

Ron Korfmacher, the team’s head coach, is approaching the season in a selfless manner. He has been focusing less on himself and more on how he can push his team to improve as athletes and men. The foundation of this year’s camaraderie has been building since last winter.

Korfmacher believes team brotherhood is significant so the offense and defense can rely on each other.

“This year, we have really been focusing on being together as one,” junior Daniel Boy said. “We’re trying to be more positive in all situations, even if we’re a little frustrated.”

The Trojans hope that bonding through team events paired with long hours of practice and conditioning will be enough to defeat even the toughest competition — Marian University and the University of Saint Francis.

Senior Jace LaMunyon believes the team is carrying a different attitude. He hopes the new found “swagger” will increase the energy on and off the field. The change in demeanor should make the games more competitive.

“We will bring the energy on the field, and TU fans bring the energy to the stands,” LaMunyon said.

According to both players, feeling the energy the fans in the stands radiate onto the field of play is one of the best parts about being a football player.

Having fun is always a priority for the Trojans, but the season will be more enjoyable for both players and fans if the team earns a winning record. The team’s offense and defense need to work together so the team can be eligible for postseason play.

“If we don’t beat ourselves, we can beat anyone,” said Boy.

One of the team’s goals is to win as many games as possible, but their primary focus is to represent Taylor well. Last season is over and the focus is forward on the current season. The Trojans plan on upholding the common characteristics of Taylor, such as loving their teammates, fans and their community.

The team eyes a return to the playoffs this season and expects to do so. The team will open their campaign tomorrow night against Malone. Opening kickoff is slated for 6 p.m. at Turner Stadium.

“Photograph by Brad Timmerman”