Andry atop the Taylor golf world


Eric Andrews | The Echo 

Taylor golf enters a new era in 2016. After being named the women’s head coach in July, Cam Andry now sits on Taylor’s golf throne.

After graduating from Ball State University, Andry initially came to Taylor in 2010 for a part-time job in the sports information department. At that point, he did not know what he would be getting himself into.

“I didn’t know much about Taylor other than it’s the place across from Ivanhoe’s,” Andry said. “But I fell in love with it, and after working here part-time for a year, the golf coaching job for the men came open. I said, ‘I love golf, I love college students and I love Jesus, so I can probably work this out.’”

Andry has coached the men’s golf team and has served as the program director for both the men’s and women’s teams at Taylor since 2011.

Upon the departure of Julie Flores, the women’s head coach, last season, Andry felt he was qualified to take over as the sole leader of Taylor golf.

“I sat down with (Kyle) Gould and we tried to explore different options,” Andry said. “I said that I would love the opportunity to coach both (the men and women), that I felt like I had something to offer for the women.”

The move appears to be a step in the right direction for the development of the women’s team. In his five years of coaching at Taylor, Andry has turned the men’s team from a cellar dweller to an annual contender in the Crossroads League. Last season saw the men’s team claim their first Crossroads League Championship since 1998 and make their National Championship debut.

While winning is important to Andry, he hopes to see his athletes develop off the course and focus on becoming better people.

“I’ve learned how to be a devout Christian and follower of God while continuing to be competitive and engaging in sports,” junior Nick Waskom said. “(Coach Andry) really impresses upon us good leadership skills that spread within our team, and he firmly believes in growth as a team and as a community.”

Despite the added responsibility of becoming the women’s head coach, Andry aims to be intentional about spending as much time with each of his athletes as possible.

One of Andry’s main focuses during practices is making sure the athletes are being pushed to improve. Andry believes that each golfer needs to practice at the edge of their ability in order to grow.

“He’s really good at letting us know what our problems are and how to fix them,” junior Grace Elenbaas said. “He really challenges us in different ways that (we) haven’t been challenged before.”

Andry credits Taylor coaches Gould, Brad Bowser and Ron Korfmacher for his development and growth as a coach and leader, citing the trio as being a constant source of encouragement throughout his time at Taylor.

Andry’s growth as a coach and leader has allowed him to more fully invest in the culture of his teams, something he prides himself on.

“We talk about intentional community; I don’t know that there is a more intentional community than a team,” Andry said. “I hope that it’s been a rewarding experience for them, (that) they’ve been challenged and they’ve been able to do it with people that they enjoy being around. When I see teams succeed, the relationships that have been built, that’s really rewarding to me.”

Both the men’s and women’s teams finished in third place on Monday at the Spring Arbor Fall Classic in Michigan. Both teams return to action today in Fort Wayne at the Saint Francis Invitational.

“Photograph by Fayth Glock”