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How do you spell Taylor? ‘Revolution’

Show a first for senior photography majors

By Kristin Gaffney | Echo

Photography has steadily risen as an art form, and now Taylor students will devote a show entirely to the medium. The senior photography show, which opens today with a reception from 7-10 p.m., centers on the theme “Spell Revolution.”

The show reflects Taylor’s own immersion in the photography world. The expanding interest in photography as a major on campus has produced enough photography students to create their own show. Previously, photography majors shared their final show with other art mediums.

“The title speaks to photography as an art medium,” said senior Tabitha Hillebrand, whose work will be on display. “Back when photography was first invented and practiced it was considered a science. . . . Then the pictorial movement emerged because some radical photographers were using photography as an art medium. ‘Spell Revolution’ seeks to pay homage to the struggle of photographers who succeed in making photography a true and respected art form.”

Hillebrand’s work focuses on nostalgia and the confrontation of change. The show features the art of Taylor seniors Carli Bowman, Gordon Helmke, Tabitha Hillebrand, Melody Sheehan, Brittany Smith, Rachel Tobin and Marika Wormgoor-Cansler, who will be displaying their most recent work.

The opening reception is tonight, March 14, from 7-10 p.m, and refreshments will be served. The pieces will continue to be displayed in the Metcalf Art Gallery between March 14 and April 4. The senior photography show welcomes an expanding major and is an opportunity to support the Art Department.

(Thumbnail photograph by Tabitha Hillebrand)

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