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Seven Deadly Pranks

Pranks to pull and things to say on April Fools’ Day

By Gracie Fairfax | Echo

April Fools’ Day is today, and if you haven’t planned ahead for this hilarious holiday, I am here to rescue you. Hopefully you’ve learned from your past mistakes, when playing pranks on your mom landed you under house arrest. Now, put your finest pranks to the test in the safe collegiate atmosphere, where Mom’s punishments are a road trip away.

1) Post a photo on Instagram of your shoes and baby shoes next to each other with a caption “And then there were three”

This way, your followers can come to their own conclusion since you didn’t explicitly say you were pregnant. Judgment is best left to the eyes of the beholder and this prank is sure to leave your friends confused. When someone finally confronts you about the possible pregnancy, just weep. And weep. And weep. And then set the record straight.

2) Wrap your friend’s belongings in tinfoil

While this requires some monetary investment on your part, it is sure to reflect your creative genius and give their room a radiant shine. Wrap everything from their chair to the doorknobs to the pencils in their drawer. This prank will be most effective and efficient if done in a group. Grab 50 of your closest friends to help you with this one, and wrap to your heart’s content. Just when the victim thinks the foiled frenzy is months in the past, they will find a pencil in their drawer wrapped in the obnoxious foil.

3) Send your professors an email saying you have come down with a medieval disease

Here’s a sample:

Dear Dr. Diller,

I have recently come down with a rare illness and am on hevy drugs wich hav yet toow kick innn in order to fight the bubonic plauge that has recently overcom mhi.

Ples excuz me fromm classs.

I shuld be bak to nurmal rally son.

-An ailing studnt

By misspelling words partway through your email, your professor will be completely fooled and think you truly are on drugs for your illness.

4) Play a YouTube video of a dog barking really loudly in your dorm room or apartment

Once you have the video rolling on repeat, wait to see if anyone either comes to pet the dog or to turn you in to the PA.

5) Tell your mom you’re going to quit school and try out for American Idol

The current season of American Idol, which was cast last summer, is supposed to be the final season, but your mom doesn’t need to know that. As far as she knows, there will be 10 more seasons and you are truly pursuing this dream.

6) Send a letter to relatives who keep asking about your relationship status, stating that you’ve decided to join a convent or monastery

This will both leave them in shock and afraid to ask questions, since you seem to have such a strong conviction. Since this is a realistic postgraduate path, in which you would be well provided for, tell them you hope it brings them as much peace as it brings you. Make sure to include a photo of you in a habit, as if you already joined the convent or monastery. Maybe even Photoshop yourself with your new brothers or sisters.

7) Write a fake letter to your roommate stating they’ve received a fine for skipping a class

Make sure you send it through the Taylor mail system to improve the appearance of legitimacy. If they are a star student, write them a letter that accuses them of failing to pay their monthly laundry free. Make sure to get all of your friends in on it, so the recipient of this prank thinks they’ve missed something for the past months they’ve spent on campus. This trick is best played on a freshman.

Whether you’re a seasoned April Fools’ Day veteran or new to the scheming scene, one or more of these seven suggestions should fit the bill for a successful day of fooling all of your gullible friends and family.

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