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Senior spouses

Libby and Nathan tackle senior year as husband and wife

Libby and Nathan Edwards are on their ninth month of marriage. (Photo by Hannah Bolds)

Libby and Nathan Edwards celebrate their ninth month of marriage. (Photo by Hannah Bolds)

By Brianna Kudisch | Echo

Marriage is a big next step in anyone’s life, but for seniors Libby (formerly Hansen) and Nathan Edwards it was the perfect next step: they’ve known each other since middle school.

After meeting 10 years ago, dating for almost three years and being engaged for five months, the Edwards were anything but strangers when they got married this past December.

Scheduling the wedding during Christmas break, just three days after finals, required proactive planning. Fortunately, that was something the couples’ moms were skilled in, since all of Libby’s siblings have already had their own weddings.

Switching from single life in the dorms to married life in an apartment was a big adjustment for both Libby and Nathan. After nine months of marriage, they saw both the benefits and challenges of the change.

“(People say) marriage is hard . . . it’s not easy, but it’s a lot to figure out—more than just living with another person,” Libby explained. “You focus on that one friendship—going from a wing of 20 girls to one guy.”

From living even more intentionally than the usual Taylor standards to exchanging close friendships with wingmates for closeness with your spouse, Libby and Nathan’s adjustments to married life are clearly evident.

Taking care of certain responsibilities, such as paying bills and cooking dinner, was one adaption the couple made. They used J-term as a time of transition, forgoing a meal plan to tackle the concept of cooking for themselves.

Day-to-day life for the couple is hectic: In addition to their busy class schedules, Nathan is on the Taylor golf team, which takes up as much time as school, according to the senior.

Despite the chaotic days, the couple ends each night with prayer, reflecting on what God is teaching them, while also talking about their days before bed.

Centering their marriage on Christ is different from maintaining their personal relationships with God; growing together requires more vulnerability, but they both agree it’s worth it.

Nathan’s grandparents, especially his “Mamaw”, provide an example of marriage both Nathan and Libby both strive to live up to. Nathan mentioned Mamaw’s devotion to the Lord and her intentionality with her relationship to God.

“(My grandparents have) had hard times, but have been able to overcome them by keeping God in the center of it,” Nathan said. “(Mamaw) lives and breathes (her relationship with Christ).”

Despite these challenges, the couple has appreciated the chance to learn more about each other. Nathan’s observed Libby’s caring nature, while Libby has enjoyed seeing Nathan’s goofy side along with his steadfast support and good listening skills.

“(Libby) talks to (our) puppy, and her voice goes five octaves higher,” Nathan said with a smile.

Looking back on their decision to get married halfway through junior year, Nathan and Libby don’t regret their choice. They took the chance and went for it, allowing them to see how God created opportunities for them.

“God opened the doors for us,” Nathan said. “It’s cool how he does it.”

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