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A rockin’ Christmas

Deck the halls to the melodies of these festive Christmas albums

(Graphic by Becca Eis) “All I want for Christmas is . . . ” more Christmas music, actually!

(Graphic by Becca Eis) “All I want for Christmas is . . . ” more Christmas music, actually!

By Kelsea Denney | Contributor

Whether you were blasting Mariah Carey in October or are just now looking forward to the Christmas season since Thanksgiving has passed, these 2016 Christmas albums will help jump start your holiday spirit.

“Merry Christmas” from Andra Day: A newcomer I only heard of due to Spotify commercials, Day marks her territory in the soulful, cocktail realm of heartache and the holidays. Although a short, five-track EP, this album easily catches the attention of listeners, who are in for a jazz-filled, emotional rollercoaster that makes the fastest sledding experience seem dreamy, epic and powerful.“Merry Christmas” is an excellent choice if you’re willing to go out on a limb for an unknown artist; otherwise, you can head over to “Christmas Party” for a familiar voice.

“Christmas Party” from She & Him: Behind the banjo and familiar Christmas tunes, you can almost see lead singer, Zooey Deschanel, in her polka-dot skirt and glasses going by the name “Jess.” Deschanel and friend, M. Ward, sleepily croon to Christmas music, new and old, in a way that makes you ache for hot chocolate and a cozy fireplace to cuddle next to while watching the snow fall. My only warning is that this music is not to be listened to while driving automotive vehicles or operating heavy machinery. So when traveling home for Christmas break, maybe give “A Very Kacey Christmas”a try.

“A Very Kacey Christmas” from Kacey Musgraves: Never one to praise country music, I expected myself to cringe my way through Kacey Musgraves’ Christmas album. However, Musgraves’ album errs more on the side of the folk genre, and her country twang is only slightly recognizable behind her charming lyrics to original songs. I applaud her lyrical tightrope, walking between carefree, youthful ditties and heartbreaking tales of Christmases spent alone. She carefully uses a mixture of recognizable carols and new melodies.

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