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Revamping the stacks

Changes implemented to Zondervan

The IT Express desk is the hot place for technology help and learning experience. (Photograph by Riley Hochstetler)

The IT Express desk is the hot place for technology help and learning experience. (Photograph by Riley Hochstetler)

By: Chrysa Keenon | Echo

The start of the new school year brings many departmental changes amongst numerous majors, and that includes Zondervan Library. This season, the library is implementing new staff procedures, payment processes and room layout changes to improve overall student experience.

One of the most blatant changes is the movement of the IT department into the library, now named the Tech Express, taking over the old Technology and Learning Connection (TNLC) desk. The Tech Express provides students with network connectivity, email support, device troubleshooting, printing, laminating and class projects.

The Tech Express desk has adapted new responsibilities as well. The register which was previously located at the checkout desk is now held at the Tech Express. When purchasing paper or laminations, payment can only be made at the Tech Express. According to Circulation Desk and Serials Coordinator Jan King, if a student needs to pay a library fine they confirm the cost with the checkout desk, then go to the Tech Express to make a payment, then take the receipt to the checkout desk for the payment to be resolved and recorded in the library’s system.

The checkout desk still holds other equipment for students to take out of the library, such as laptops, projectors and recording devices. Though the Tech Express has the register, coffee is still available for purchase at the checkout desk, but payment must be made at the Tech Express desk. King also confirmed that purchases may only be made while the Tech Express is open. The Tech Express is open when the library is open, except for Saturday when they close at 5 p.m.

“There have been some scheduling conflicts where the library is open and the Tech Express isn’t; we’re not fully qualified to answer technology questions,” Research Assistant and senior Kait Bedel said. “It’s gonna take some getting used to, but once we’re used to the changes and we’re finished transitioning, I think the changes will be beneficial overall.”

The library has incorporated many changes in the layout of the building itself. Zondervan 142 was built to act as a library instruction classroom and is located on the first level.

“The main intent for ZON 142 is use by librarians for our 100+ classroom research sessions each year,” Assistant Director and Research Assistant Lana Wilson said. “When not in use by library faculty for these teaching sessions, the room may be reserved by faculty and staff. . . One change we hope to accomplish is to reinvigorate our classroom research training through a much more appealing environment for students that facilitates group engagement and interactivity.”

According to King, Zondervan is making strides this year to encourage friendliness and an all around positive atmosphere when patrons walk through the door.

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