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Excalibur continues, online

By Chrysa Keenon | Echo

The Res Publica publication went back online on Tuesday, April 3. The website has been remodeled without the sword imagery and with neutral dark colors. The site’s tagline reads “The Conservative Voice You Are Free to Ignore” and lists beliefs held by members of the Res Publica board. There are tabs on the site for location of articles, Community Conversation, Excalibur Controversy and Resources.

As of Thursday night, there are four articles posted on the website. The subjects are feminism, abortion and modernism. Authors are Amy Spiegel, Professor of Philosophy and Religion Jim Spiegel, senior Drew Swing and Professor of English Colleen Warren.

According to Jim Spiegel, there are no plans to continue distributing hard copies of the publication.

“We’ve decided to go completely (online) for the time being for a few reasons,” Jim Spiegel said in a statement. “For one thing, it is costly to produce hard copy publications. The (online) format also has the advantage of eliminating spatial constraints. Articles can be more lengthy, and we can post more of them than would be possible in a print format.”

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