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‘Prevention is really our best medicine’

New Human Physiology and Preventative Medicine major

By Lily Smith | Contributor

Taylor University’s Kinesiology Department is offering a new major called human physiology and preventative medicine.
Photo by Kassie Joviak

The human physiology and preventive medicine major has recently made its debut at Taylor University. The marriage of knowledge of human physiology and practical preventative medicine can prepare students in a unique way to pursue various careers in healthcare.

Brian Dewar, associate professor of biology and Erik Hayes, professor of kinesiology, the heads of this new major, pursued the idea of creating a major designed to give students the ability to focus specifically on how preventative medicine can help change the future of the healthcare system.


“We were looking for a way to create a major that is different than what you could get at any different school,” Hayes said. “ We wanted a major that would be unique, that could draw students to Taylor University, who might not otherwise come.”

The idea of preventative medicine is woven into the program and ultimately defines the goal of the major. Preventative medicine is essentially the goal of helping people create lifestyles and healthy habits that could prevent many chronic diseases and other ailments.


“Prevention is really our best medicine, but we aren’t using it,” Hayes said.

Taylor currently offers several different majors that can prepare students for a successful career in the medical field. These majors include biology, chemistry, psychology, exercise science, public health and nursing. These majors individually offer a unique education about specific topics that have set students up for achievement as they head into medical education and the workforce.


For students who are considering majoring in human physiology and preventive medicine, Hayes had some recommendations.


“Look at all the majors and pick the one that looks the most exciting to you,” Hayes said. “This is just one good option amongst other options that are already at Taylor. You’ll get a lot more out of your education if you’re passionate about what you are learning.”

Sophomore Abigail Stewart, who recently transferred to the human physiology and preventive medicine major, describes why she chose to study it.

“I like it because it is human-based,” Stewart said. “With this major, you get to take physiology, and health psychology and more applicable classes to what I want to do as a career.”


She is currently planning to pursue a career as a pediatric physician’s assistant.

Sophomore Silas Vinson at Taylor University, shared why he decided the human physiology and preventive medicine major was where his personal passions are most utilized and fulfilled.


“It is really helpful to learn how to practice medicine in a way that promotes real health and real growth in people and communities, which is what I want to do,” Vinson said.

For more information about the major, please contact Brian Dewar or Erik Hayes.

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