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Prepare for competition

Open house ranking to begin this year

An open house on third west Wengatz gave visitors a live view of some of Hollywood’s most famous movies.

By Kassidy Weemhoff | Echo

Red, White and Breu. Techno Night. Swalloween. Justin Timbercake.

If these names don’t bring excitement to your very core, you haven’t experienced one of the many legendary Taylor open houses. Whether you’ve never been to an open house, are an occasional attendee or a die-hard open house fan, there are things you will love and hate about open houses.

Sophomore Silas Vinson, Senior Shane Livingston and Chad Zelner get their photo taken with the Easter Bunny at a second east Wengatz open house, Second Easter.

That’s why this year, Life and Times will be reviewing open houses for your enjoyment. These reviews will not only be for a good read, but also for a fantastic reward at the end of the year for the best open house overall.

Open houses will be judged on decorations, floor/wing involvement, originality and overall experience, all out of five points. Whichever floor/wing scores the highest in our point scale will receive a prize personally delivered by members of the Echo staff. Be on the lookout for these reviews and make sure to create a noteworthy open house!

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