Parnassus in progress
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Parnassus in progress

Annual literary magazine presents its 2016 issue

The theme for this year's Parnassus is "Forge."

By Danielle Barnes | The Echo

Parnassus, the official literary journal of the English department, showcases the immense creativity of student writers each spring. This year, the Parnassus team decided on the theme “Forge” under the leadership of its head editor, senior Malinda Patterson. According to her, “Forge” encompasses the idea of creating art as a process.

“Art can sometimes be an internally painful process which takes a lot of effort,” Patterson said. “It can also be seen as a refining tool for yourself and the piece of art through the process of writing and creating.”

Parnassus accepts submissions from students regardless of their major and begins the acceptance process early in the fall. This year, Patterson and her team searched the submissions for quality pieces that encompassed honesty and heart.

Past staff members, seniors Suzi Rhee and Paula Weinman, believe that the journal is a great way to highlight the artistic talent we have on campus.

“Parnassus provides a way for students to share their creative work with the wider Taylor community,” Weinman said. “We have a lot of really gifted artists and writers here at Taylor, from all different majors and grades, and I think the journal is a way for us to support and celebrate them.”

Working for the journal as a staff member and contributor gives students experience and allows them to be a part of the conversation about writing and art.

“We get to experience, on a slightly safer level, what it’s like to submit to a literary publication,” Rhee said. “It’s always risky to send creative work somewhere for fear that it might be rejected. Parnassus gives us a chance to see what it’s like to submit, to feel that anxiety and to learn the joy of an acceptance letter, along with the fighting against the discouragement of a rejection letter.”

Parnassus is hosting its release party on Thursday, March 3 in the Euler Legacy Lounge from 4 to 6 p.m. During the event, they will distribute free copies of the journal and announce the winners and runners-up for each category.


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