Ode to the Gardner, Spiritual Renewal poem by Jason William Fisher
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Ode to the Gardener

Poem from Taylor's fall Spiritual Renewal Week

By Jason William Fisher | Contributor

You smile down on me with sincere delight

Kneel down to me, hold me in your hand

Make clean my branch, ushering its flight

You make time for this flimsy bough, though your garden so grand

The blemish of fruit I’ve produced sends a smile across your face

The vine you’ve provided transmits life, quenches all my thirst

And your water is sweet.  Helps me mature. Gives me life. Your vine, an eternal vase

You seem to hold me close, even when I am at my worst

I feel I can do anything when connected to your source

And it brings me sadness the branches who withered away from your vine

With no fruit to display, they were cut away.  They chose a different course

But I will remain in you.  With you dear Gardener.  Because I am yours and you are mine

Your hands groom your creation

So I will grow for you and In You.

And pray my fruit reflect my adoration

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