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Ode to Marylou

The Night Lights prepare for their upcoming concert “Hello Marylou”

The Night Lights will continue to serenade first lady Marylou on Thursday.

The Night Lights will continue to serenade first lady Marylou on Thursday.

By Danielle Barnes | Echo

Instead of scrolling through the endless social media feed to avoid the stresses of studying, the Night Lights are here to illuminate the darkness of last-minute cramming.

The acapella quartet, led by senior Taylor Eaton, is well-known around campus and the surrounding community for its Southern gospel sound, barbershop tunes and signature serenade to Marylou.

On Thursday, the Night Lights will host their concert, “Hello Marylou,” to showcase the work they’ve done this year and to pay tribute to Taylor’s first lady, Marylou Habecker.

“Marylou Habecker is one of my favorite people here at Taylor,” Eaton said. “She has been a major supporter of the quartet since the beginning.”

In 2013, the quartet became famous for their rendition of “Hello Marylou,” which they performed in her honor, and it quickly became their theme song.

“Since the Habeckers are leaving, we thought it would only be fitting to name the concert after the legacy of Marylou and our favorite song that so many people have came to know us by,” Eaton said.

The group will be performing gospel classics such as “He Touched Me” and “Hide Me Rock of Ages,” as well as ‘80s tunes such as “For the Longest Time” and “Barbershop.” There will also be special performances byEd Blevins from Pleasant Grove Methodist Church and Taylor senior Jake Venable. The quartet has even more surprises in store.

Three of the Night Lights members will be going their separate ways, with Eaton and senior Jacob Nolan graduating and freshman Luke Borchelt leaving Taylor. Next year, fourth member Ross DeLong will take over the legacy of the quartet.

Eaton is grateful for the sacrifices his group has made and is excited for this legacy to continue.

“I hope that the tradition of the Night Lights quartet never dies at TU,” Eaton said. “This group has meant the world to me, and I find no better satisfaction than singing with these great four-part harmonies for the Lord. These guys in the quartet will never know how much it has meant to me to help keep my passion alive.”

The concert will be on at 7:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall. Admission is free and all are welcome.

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