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A night at the gallery

English Hall completed art show

Last week, women enjoyed a night of admiring art in English Hall. (Photograph provided by unsplash.com

Last week, women enjoyed a night of admiring art in English Hall. (Photograph provided by unsplash.com

By Grace Hooley | Echo

Amid the low music and mood lighting, beautiful masterpieces are hidden in plain view. The sweet smell of roasted coffee floats into the room. About fifty women cautiously wonder around the English Hall lobby, whispering and admiring the talent of women they have been living with for at least a month now. After an hour, the room quiets to hear the award results.

Someone once said, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” But who says that beauty has to come from a famous artist or iconic hipster? Maybe, just maybe, it can be found in a roommate’s sketchbook or on a hallmate’s wall. In this case, the English Art Show, held last Wednesday from 8–9:30 p.m., awarded prizes to women who were willing to be brave and offer their talent.

“I was excited,” Third South sophomore Kara Kinnius said. “I don’t usually display my art places. I changed my minor to art last year. (The show) seemed like a place where amateurs could display their art.”

Artists were eligible to win one of three awards: the Mary Tower Choice Award, which was chosen by the votes of viewers; the Most Creative Award and the Best Use of Color Award, both of which were selected by PAs.

Abigail Brennan, a freshman from Third Center, won the Mary Tower Choice Award. Analiese Helms, a freshman from Second Center, won the Best Use of Color Award. Kinnius won the Most Creative Award. Twelve women presented their paintings or pictures, and though only three students received awards, all were reminded that they too have something valuable to offer.

It was a really encouraging thing because even girls who didn’t win a prize probably got a lot of compliments,” Rachel Dalland, junior and PA of Third Center, said. “I think it brought us closer together as a community because we realized there was talent among us and we celebrated that diversity.”

Two weeks before the show, English Hall Director Julia Hurlow and Assistant Hall Director Lauren Miles accepted photographs and physical pieces of art from the ladies in English. An hour before the event, the PAs of English Hall gathered in the lobby and helped make popcorn and coffee and label the pieces of art.

This was the first year of making this an official event and inviting others to attend, but Dalland says it went well. The paintings will stay up all year, and even though the show is over, Hurlow and Miles are still accepting art to hang in the lobby.

It was only advertised to women in English, but it was open to all of campus. Next year’s gallery will feature live music and be open for all Taylor students.

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