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A New Nickname

Brainstorming the campus center abbreviation

By Noah Nemni | Contributor

The student center brings a new opportunity for creative nicknaming.

The student center brings a new opportunity for creative nicknaming.

Taylor students love nicknames. We’re just so welcoming; we want to utterly confuse prospectives with expressions such as, “Bruh, let’s hit the KSAC and the Deece with 2EZ.”

It doesn’t take long to think of building-abbreviation examples on campus: Breu, Broho, ICC. Smith-Hermanson Music Hall is referred to as “the music building” (to the point that many students have no idea where “Smith” is). Proper names seem to have no place in Taylor jargon.

With the opening of the new campus center, there is an opportunity to nickname it. Now, we all know it’s already named the LaRita Boren Campus Center. But that’s not catchy enough.

Who will be the trendsetter to find the name that sticks? TSO could name it by writing the “cool name” on the Airband tickets. Michael Snyder might tweet a name that everyone agrees upon. Or maybe it will just go viral, little by little, like the Fort Wayne Female Bible College chant.

Here are a few cool names for our new campus center:

  • “Boren Center” is rough. I can’t be the only one who’s noticed that Boren sounds way too much like “boring” for a fun place of community interaction.
  • “The BC”—similar to the DC. “Do you want to eat in the DC or the BC?” could become a common question.
  • “LaRBCC.” Why not? We actually call a building the KSAC.
  • “The Campus Center.” Minimalist is hipster.
  • “Chick-fil-A.” That’s where it’s gonna be, right?
  • “Rediger.” For seniors: “Back in my day there was no fancy campus center, sonny. Eating at the Grille was a privilege!”
  • “Maytag.” For senior citizens: “Back in my day there was no fancy chapel!”
  • “LaRita’s.” Perhaps the coolest name, although it competes with the bed and breakfast owned by the Borens just south of Taylor.

Whether we end up calling it “Rita” or just “the new union,” the privilege of nicknaming our buildings sets Taylor apart from other institutions. We must take this grave responsibility upon ourselves. We owe it to ourselves and to future Taylor students!

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