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Surviving life post-spring break

By Braden Ochs | Contributor

We’ve said goodbye to the beaches, mountains and comfort of our homes and returned to the grind. We love Spring Break so much that we never want it to end. Here are a few ways you can maintain the spring break lifestyle during one of the toughest stretches of the year.

1. Decorate your room spring-break style

Coming back to your gray, dark room is the worst. After a week in the sun, you don’t want your room to remind you of blustery Indiana. Lighten it up. Throw some sand on the floor, blow up an inflatable palm tree and set a bucket of water next to your closet, and you’ve got yourself a beach. All you need now is to put on your bathing suit and play some beach music.

2. Never Unpack

This is a no-no for you if you want to keep that spring break cheer. You never unpack a suitcase. That symbolizes surrender. You never want to concede that spring break is over. The second your clothes go back in your closet, you’ve been defeated.

3. Always talk about spring break

If you don’t want to forget your spring break, then talk to your friends about it all the time. The key is to never stop talking about it–then you’ll never forget it. You may be wondering whether that will be annoying to your friends. You wouldn’t want to drive them up a tree, right? Well, if they get annoyed, you shouldn’t be friends with them anyway.

4. Watch a lot of Tom Selleck

“Magnum P. I.” is the best show to watch because of its spring break vibe. Tom Selleck always pulls Hawaiian shirts off really well, and he’ll bring you back to the spring break fantasy fast. If Tom doesn’t satisfy you, another good TV show is “Gilligan’s Island.” They’re always on vacation.

5. Plan for your next spring break

It’s early, but it’s not that early. Keep the spring break hype alive by planning for your next one. Look up flights and hotels which will probably be cheap given this trip is a year away. You can dream big since your next spring break is still far away!

6. Wear your spring break clothes to class

What better way to relieve depression than wearing the clothes you wore that week? It doesn’t matter if it’s 35 degrees outside in Indiana . . . anything for the cause.

7. Hold a therapy session

Finally, avoid post-spring break depression by doing the following: go to a therapist. Sometimes, talking it out to with a professional can make your life better, and your wallet will lose weight.

Well, there are you have it. Seven of the best ways to get over post-spring break depression. Yeah, spring break was a blast for most of us, but now we must face the world . . . a world thankfully full of a lot more spring breaks.

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