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Muslim students on our doorstep

Reflection on Crescent Project “Without Borders” conference

By Abigail Roberts | Echo

**Writer’s note: A few of the names in the following story have been changed or reserved to a first name basis only for individual’s security purposes.

In that moment, Fae, like so many others within the growing circle of Muslims questioning their faith, had to make a decision.

Fae grew up believing that all of her good works would never be enough to please God. She would feel daily the pile of sin, guilt and shame weighing upon her shoulders.

All of that changed when, in college, a friend introduced Fae to Christ. After Fae heard about Jesus’s sacrifice, God would not stop chasing after her until she gave in to his loving pursuit.

“Really what you come to know is God seeks after you,” Fae said. “He chooses you, He’s a loving father, and He wants to be close to you.”

The “Without Borders” women’s conference helps Christian women better understand Muslim women. (Photograph provided by Unsplash)

The “Without Borders” women’s conference helps Christian women better understand Muslim women. (Photograph provided by Unsplash)

According to Crescent Project, today there are 2.5 missionaries for every million Muslims in the world. In America alone, there are over 7 million Muslims, and the number is growing. Christians need to stop thinking fearfully what it will do to them if they do share the gospel with a Muslim, and start thinking what it will do to the millions of Muslims if they don’t. So many like Fae are searching for a loving God.

“We are crying because Jesus has risen from the dead and no one has told us,” said two Iranian Muslim women when first introduced to the full story of Jesus.

The question must be asked: Are Muslims worth the personal risk? President and founder of Crescent Project Fouad Masri, a Lebanese believer, and his countless staff would say that they are. Thanks to Crescent Project and dozens of organizations like it, more Muslims have come to Christ in the past 20 years than in last 1,400 combined.

“The reason we’re winning is because He’s winning,” Masri said. “When you share the Gospel with one, there is a ripple effect.”

Masri’s grandfather is one such example. He came to Ellis Island, New York in 1914 and was soon touched by the Gospel. An example of God’s divine orchestration, Masri’s grandfather, as a college student, was invited to a gathering at Anderson Bible School where, unbeknownst to Masri’s grandfather or his friend, the main speaker was a missionary returning from work in Lebanon. That night, Masri’s grandfather gave his life to the Lord. The Masri family legacy of faith was birthed.

Masri’s grandfather went on to become a missionary himself back in the Middle East. He died outside the gates of Damascus ministering to Presbyterians. God was reaching Muslims in 1914 and hasn’t stopped.

“I think God is really doing something amazing. I’m astounded,” said Kimberly Watts, human resources manager at Crescent Project. “It is so important to take this opportunity.”

Have you noticed a theme? Both Masri’s grandfather and Fae met Christ in college through fellow students.

We have a role as Christian college students to live out faith in action. There are dozens of Muslims within an hour’s radius from us, hundreds in Indianapolis. The nearest mosque to Taylor’s campus is only 30 minutes away in Muncie. ( Purdue alone has over 86 Saudi Arabian students. Consider the fact that in Saudi Arabia proselytizing (sharing the Gospel) or distributing non-Muslim religious materials such as Bibles is illegal. What an opportunity to have students from a closed country at our doorstep.

Omar was one such student. A firm-believing Muslim and president of the Muslim association on campus his first three years, Omar’s life was changed when he was introduced to Christ.

“People asked me why I resigned from being a president of the college’s Muslim society,” Omar said. “Why? Because I am no longer a Muslim, I have met Jesus.”

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