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Maximizing the Grille experience

Getting creative with the classics

By Lindsay Robinson & Sarah Davis | Echo

Steadily hoard your Grille cookies to make a giant one.

Steadily hoard your Grille cookies to make a giant one.

The Grille offers many custom-made salads, subs, quesadillas and more. But if you’re a senior or tightly-scheduled underclassman struggling through a Grille rut, there are a few things you can do to make the most of your Grille meals. With a little creativity, and food you keep in your room, you can experience another world of Grille opportunities.

Cookie Cakes

The Grille cookies have achieved VIP status on campus. But if you want to make them legendary, try this recipe. Take a handful of cookies. Either hoard them one at a time or take drastic measures. While we would never endorse stealing, maybe get a bunch of your friends to collect cookies throughout the day. Take those cookies, mush them together and put them in a cooking pan. Then take the icing of your choice and spread on top. This recipe is great for birthdays, anniversaries, DTR’s and floor events.

Fruit Smoothies

Bananas are a proven way to take your smoothie to the next level. Start collecting fruit to make your own smoothies. Host smoothie parties in your dorm and have everyone attending bring fruit from both the Grille and the DC. Use the milk and orange juice from the Grille as well, and even add spinach from your salad if you’re feeling particularly healthy.

Trail Mixes

The Grille’s Cranberry Nut Salad is a favorite for sure. But what about when you just aren’t in the mood for that green stuff? Don’t be afraid to forgo the salad altogether. Ask for extra nuts and cranberries, take them to your room and make your own trail mix. Add extra ingredients such as chocolate chips, granola, dried fruit or the leftover bananas from your smoothie party to make healthy energy bites.

Wrap it up

The salad bar at the Grille is a popular spot for those who are more health-conscious. But did you know you could get two meals out of one wrap? Here’s how it’s done, kids. Take a wrap, get as many salad options as possible inside. Then, back in your dorm/apartment/house/tent, empty the content of the wrap into a bowl. Take the tortilla and the cheese of your choice and microwave it. This leaves you with a delicious salad and quesadilla. Combine this with some of the Grille’s tomato bisque soup.


Okay, this is kind of a secret, but we think it’s time to share the joy of Lemonite, aka Sprite and Lemonade. Pour an even mixture of both drinks into those larger-than-average cups at the Grille and enjoy. If you’d want to be super secretive about your delicious drink, you could also hide your concoction in a coffee cup.

Hopefully you’ve been inspired to get creative and try out some of our Grille hacks. Best of luck to you as you escape the rut.

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