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Masquerade: a fall ball

TSO prepares for the first dance of the year

By Hannah Haney | Echo

Gents, it’s time to call home for that suit. Ladies, air out those evening gowns. TSO will be hosting a fall masquerade ball on Nov. 22.

The dance will be held off-campus this year, at the Cornerstone Center for the Arts in Muncie. As a result, students are encouraged to go in groups, so that everyone will have a ride.

“We knew we wanted to have at least one (dance) each semester,” said senior Student Body President Bri Leever. “We wanted to do (one) this semester and we wanted to pick a theme that’s slightly more formal for this dance . . . we wanted this one to be more formal and we wanted it to be right before Thanksgiving.”

Student Activities Council president, senior Chelsea Williams, was also a part of the decision to come up with a dance that would be different from last year, but be fun for students.

“We wanted to have a dance that was appropriate, that would be something fun for people to get dressed up for, but also . . . to have like an excuse to be different and to be fancy,” said Williams.

The idea of a masquerade was a relatively easy choice, according to Leever.

“Masquerade is enough that people can do stuff themselves and like they themselves are . . . contributing to the theme in the formal aspect of the dance,” Leever said.

TSO is looking to build upon the standard set by last year’s Gatsby dance.

“We really looked at last year as setting the standard and the bar and we really wanted to still have that same standard for dances because it was so well attended,” Williams said.

One attitude from last year that Leever is hoping to carry over from last year is the overall enthusiasm towards the dance.

“I think that . . . a big part of Gatsby was the enthusiasm. Everybody put effort into themselves and put effort into their outfit. So, I think that can definitely still happen for this dance too,” Leever said.

Students will be able to select a mask when they purchase their tickets, the cost of which will be included in ticket prices. Like last year, two nights of waltz lessons will be offered during the week before the dance, and ticket prices will be reduced for attending the dance lessons.

Leevers reminds students that despite the necessity of a partner to waltz, students do not need to feel like they need to bring a date.

“We want to really encourage (people that you) don’t need partners to come. Come with (your) friends and don’t necessarily think that you need to be a couple to come. We really want to communicate that you can still come to this dance and have fun.”

Williams is eager to see how the dance will look once everyone is all dressed up.

“I’m really excited just to see everyone super dressed up in a place (that still) feels like the Taylor community, but it’s not (at) Taylor,” Williams said.

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