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MAHE students graduate

Class of 2018 marks 11 years

MAHE students get hands-on experience in assistantship roles. (Photograph provided by Travis Trotman)

MAHE students get hands-on experience in assistantship roles. (Photograph provided by Travis Trotman)

By Clark Murray | Echo

Next week, 17 students will graduate from Taylor’s Masters of Arts in Higher Education and Student Development (MAHE) program. This marks the 11th year that MAHE has been in place.

This year’s graduating class will be the program’s 10th cohort of students since its beginning in 2007. One hundred and sixty seven students have now graduated from the flourishing program. Graduates are currently working around the world in 75 different colleges as a result of the program.

Higher Education Program Services Director Kelly Yordy works with the students throughout their time on campus. Her job allows her the opportunity to hear the experiences that MAHE students learn from.

“I love meeting with MAHE students and hearing their stories about what they are learning in and out of the classroom about undergraduate students, the purpose of higher education and how their personal faith journeys are developing during their two years as graduate students,” Yordy said.

Graduating MAHE student Alana Dean, a graduate of Grove City College, feels blessed with the opportunity MAHE has given her to fulfill her assistantship in the Office of Intercultural Programs (OIP) office.

In these assistantship roles around the university, they have the ability to experience being one of the higher education faculty first-hand. MAHE students also serve roles in other positions around campus. These positions include the counseling offices, as well as OIP, Taylor Student Organization (TSO), and Taylor World Outreach (TWO), assistant hall directors and more.

“I am grateful to experience so many different cultures without leaving Upland,” Dean said. “The students of OIP have taught me so many important lessons about strength in hard times, caring for others, and living in community well.”

MAHE provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates and the higher education program to interact. Taylor University offers an opportunity for those pursuing a master’s in higher education a place to learn and work in a Christian environment.

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