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Looking into Lighthouse

J-term trips of 2017

By Chrysa Keenon | Contributor

Lighthouse trips just ended, but preparation for next year is in full swing. If you missed the information meetings this week, never fear! Here’s a list of the Lighthouse trips planned for next January.

This year’s Ethiopia Lighthouse team taught English to elementary school kids.

This year’s Ethiopia Lighthouse team taught English to elementary school kids.

  • Greece—Partnering with Greater Europe Missions, Lighthouse will send help and relief to Syrian refugees. Students will visit the island of Lesvos and provide the refugees with tents, blankets, meals, sleeping bags and food while spreading the word of God. The group will fly in and out of either Athens or Corinth, and students will get time to enjoy the historical sites.
  • Nepal—Lighthouse is partnering with Tiny Hands International, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the body of Christ fight sex trafficking and social injustice. The trip, started by a Taylor grad, will focus on bringing God’s love to orphans and street children through faithful interaction and attention. Students will spend time at the border monitoring stations where children will be intercepted between Nepal and India. Perks of this trip include hiking in the Himalayan mountains and visiting religious temples.
  • Peru—In partnership with VisionTrust International, Lighthouse will send students to this nation, which has a history of poverty and drug abuse. The city of Ayacucho, located in the heart of the Andes mountains, has endured great suffering since an anti-government group claimed the city as their headquarters in 1982. The group’s activity has left many children abandoned, some of them falling into illegal child labor or sex trafficking. Students will engage with children at safe houses, schools and local churches. The Lighthouse team will also participate in farming, horseback riding through the Andes and helping children sell items in the local market. This trip is an excellent opportunity for Spanish majors and others who speak Spanish.
  • Poland—In its second year affiliation with Polish Christian Ministries, Lighthouse students will travel to the city of Sandomierz. The main goal is to help teach English by partnering mainly with local schools and churches. Students help children learn English through games and activities, and they will also participate in after-school events. Afterward, the students will travel to cities such as Krakow and Warsaw and visit the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp . Students affiliated with TESOL are encouraged to apply for this trip.
  • Southeast Asia—This missions trip will take place in Pacific Islands, in partnership with Sea Tribe Tours. Because the country where this trip will take place is Muslim, the natives have had few interactions with Christians. Indonesia is a closed country, meaning they do not welcome missionaries. Lighthouse teams can visit because Lighthouse is not technically labeled as a ministry. The anti-Christian sentiment does not stop students from interacting and building relationships with the locals. There will be three different homestays on different islands as the group splits off into small groups. Students will assist in community projects such as fishing, prayer walking and teaching English. This trip is more rustic and remote than the others available.

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