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Letters from grads, to grads 2/7

Taylor graduates speak to seniors

Rachel Williams speaks about life after graduation

Rachel Williams speaks about life after graduation

By Gabby Carlson | Echo

Rachel Williams ’16 Christian Education

Is what life after Taylor what I thought it would be like? Yes and no. I’m the Children’s Minister on staff at a church—and to be embarrassingly honest—I thought I had things for my path pretty well figured out due to all my schooling and internship experience in my field. As far as my career goes, it is going pretty much as expected (of course with some twists and turns and tons of mistakes made along the way). But something I didn’t anticipate was the rhythmic monotony that life after college can take on. As much as I love using the gifts God has given me and my education in real-life settings, there is something about the busyness and bustle of college that I actually miss from time to time (not that life for me isn’t busy, it’s just not the same!).

Since leaving Taylor, my life seems to go by so quickly. My first year out of school has felt like a blink of an eye. And I know everyone tells you that, because they told me too, but it’s absolutely true. Take time to consciously slow down and reflect, because soon enough a year of life will be gone without you even realizing it!

Taylor prepared me for life after college in that I feel like what I studied was extremely practical for what vocational ministry is really like. The practicums, internships and volunteer opportunities I was challenged and encouraged to seek out during my time at Taylor in various ministries are experiences that are honestly irreplaceable.

My advice to graduating seniors on how to adjust to life after college is simple: create good habits. This next year is in some ways going to set the tone for how you’re going to function independently in life. This goes for your spiritual, mental, emotional, social and physical habits. Be intentional in forming your lifestyle in that first year. That has been the wisest piece of advice I’ve received in relation to graduating and I love sharing that with others in the same boat.

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