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Letter to the Editor

October 6, 2017

The reaction to the Las Vegas shooting was disappointing in that it didn’t seem to faze anyone. All of my classes went on as normal, chapel was no different and nobody I talked to went deeper than a simple, “That’s so terrible! I’ll be praying.” As I reflected the entire day I remember thinking how shocked I was that nobody (including myself) had taken the initiative to pray as a group for the individuals and their families.

One of the first catastrophic events to happen in our lifetime was 9/11, and although Las Vegas’ death toll was not as high and there weren’t any international threats tied in, Las Vegas is comparable because it is the worst domestic shooting in modern American history with 59 dead and 527 injured. We must fight the temptation to become numb to these events because they are so frequent in a broken world. We need to use these times of hurt as a way to demonstrate Christ’s light to a world which desperately needs it, because if we don’t, nobody will.

Nonprofits and church groups are gathering supplies and lifting up those affected by all of the natural disasters. How different would it be if everyone had reacted the same way to the shootings in Las Vegas, or any “man-made” disaster?

Carlee Svec, sophomore

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