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Let’s get to work

5 tips for getting a job at Taylor

By LeighAnn Wolle | Echo

1.  Fill out the paperwork early.

According to Nancy Johnson, administrative assistant to the vice president for business administration, the first thing students should do when looking for a job is to go to the Payroll Office in the lower level of Sickler Hall. There, you can complete the paperwork that will need to be finalized before you can begin work.

“It’s good to get this out of the way so they’re ready to work when they find a position,” Johnson said.

This paperwork includes the government tax papers and the I-9 form which requires two forms of identification. Students need to show either a passport OR a driver’s license AND a birth certificate OR a social security card. The documents need to be original documents.

2.  Look for job openings in multiple places.

Some student positions are posted on the myTaylor page. Click on the Student Employment section, then the Applying for Open Jobs heading and then Current Listings. Students are not limited in the number of jobs they apply for.

“Many areas do not post positions on this particular website but post available positions in other ways, whether through emails to specific majors, postings in offices or other means,” Johnson said. “We suggest students check with areas where they have an interest and see if there may be some openings in those areas. Like any job search, word of mouth is one way to find something.”

One place to look for a job would be the Dining Commons. They are often looking for people to work on the cleanup crew or the catering staff.

3. See if you are eligible for Work Study.

Taylor’s Financial Aid Counselor Lyn Kline shared the following information about Work Study:

“Students can see if they have federal work study eligibility by looking at their financial aid package. They would login to myfa.taylor.edu. Then they would look at the Awards Tab. If federal Work Study is listed on their package, it will show the amount per semester that they are eligible for. Students can be awarded up to $1,200 per semester (the max) which equals about 10 hours per week.”

4. Know your skills and abilities.

If you are good with computers, consider working for the IT department. People who like sports should check out the job listings on the myTaylor page, as there are many athletic related jobs listed. For example, you can be a referee for intramural sports. If you enjoy writing, work for The Echo! You can become an unpaid contributor this year but that job could turn into a paid position next year.

5. Be open to different jobs.

Johnson shared the following advice for all students on the hunt for a job:

“One thing students need to remember is they may need to take a job that would not be their first choice. That certainly does not mean they need to stay in that job for their duration at Taylor. There may be another position that opens in another semester or next fall that would be more appealing. As students graduate or leave positions due to athletics, their academic workload, etc., there will be changes.

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