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Leaders of Taylor

What freshmen should know about their student leadership

By Katelyn S. Irons | Echo

As freshmen, opportunities to get involved with groups and activities abound, but picking from the many options can be overwhelming. One Taylor group, however, is looking for freshmen members. Taylor Student Organization (TSO) wants new recruits for its team.

“As a freshman, I didn’t know what TSO was,” said Cory Chea, student body vice president. “I assumed that it was just an event-planning committee for events like the Hoedown and Airband. I would have loved to know all the opportunities available to be involved in student leadership within TSO, because there are many different kinds of cabinets that fit various interests of students.”

TSO provides over 100 distinct student leadership positions across campus in 11 different cabinets under the Office of the Student Body President—Global Engagement, Inter-Class Council (ICC), Integration of Faith and Culture (IFC), Leadership Programs, Media and Marketing Services, Multi-Ethnic Student Association (MESA), Office of Finance, Student Activities Council, Student Senate and Intramurals. These groups strive to create interesting events that challenge and grow the student body as people and a community.

“TSO believes in the value of individuals and the collective impact of their faiths and experiences on the Taylor Community,” the 2014-15 mission statement of TSO states. “We strive to connect and empower students by providing space for engagement. Through facilitating the creation of innovative and diverse programming, we seek to cultivate community and develop servant leaders.”

Student body president, Kehlay Dunah, got involved with TSO with the idea of dedicating herself to leading the student body.

“I love being a part of something greater than myself,” she said. “Everything we do in TSO is to cultivate community. I’m personally passionate about leadership, planning and connecting people in creative ways.”

Those connections are what makes TSO something special, according to Chea. It is a place where students can explore their passions and lead others to join in.

“There are great opportunities for everyone in TSO,” Chea said. TSO appreciates freshman contributions to leadership because of the potential for new ideas.

“Taylor government is more than just politics,” Dunah said. “It’s the involvement of passionate student leaders who create diverse programs with the intentions of connecting the campus.”

Later in the year, there will be a position fair aimed at recruiting new cabinet members. For more information about becoming a part of TSO, contact the president of a cabinet directly or drop by the TSO office upstairs in the Student Union.

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