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KSAC reinforces its dress code policy with graphic

Do new visuals reflect its policies?

By Taylor Budzikowski

Sophomore Antwan Hermis exercises at the Kesler Student Activities Center.

Sophomore Antwan Hermis exercises at the Kesler Student Activities Center.

The Kesler Student Activities Center began to enforce Taylor’s dress code through new visuals beginning Fall 2018.

The university dress code has not changed since the KSAC was built. Rather, new posters act as reminders to adhere to the Life Together Covenant (LTC) for first year students and the Taylor community.

“I wanted to make sure we were doing everything in glorifying God, and basically our dress as well as our speech and behaviors are just gentle reminders,” Kesler Student Activities Director Kelle Maloney said.

Maloney opted for a visual approach to post the KSAC and University’s dress code as students arrived on campus.

Taylor students, faculty, staff and Upland community members will find a diagram of what to wear and what not to wear for both males and females at the entrance to the Well.

According to Maloney, the YMCA and other public fitness centers also comply to a dress code for patron safety.

The dress code is not meant to restrict those who exercise at the KSAC, but rather promote a safe environment and to reflect Taylor’s mission statement and the LTC.

As referenced on the new posters, the KSAC dress code exists for three main purposes.

“These policies are in place to: create a comfortable exercise experience for all center users, increase the safety of all participants and protect against viruses, bacteria and infections,” the graphic in the KSAC says.

Appropriate KSAC attire includes modest tank tops, shirts and shorts. In addition, attire must cover individuals’ undergarments.

The KSAC Staff has experienced little pushback from the posted dress code, according to Maloney.

Yet, some students have experienced discontinuity with the dress code, or rather, the way it has been enforced this fall.

Junior cross-country runner Maddie Weeden expressed discontentment with the dress code since her uniform allows for spandex, while the KSAC does not.

“We have to go back and change in the locker room before we can go into the KSAC,” Weeden said.

However, Weeden believes the dress code upholds values important to a Christian institution.

The Taylor community is expected to comply with the dress code which is based off Taylor’s LTC. The LTC desires to promote a posture of mutual respect between Taylor community members and provide whole person education.

The LTC references Colossians 3:11-14, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience…put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

The KSAC dress code represents an effort to promote unity and respect among community members at a micro level.

Maloney reflected on the KSAC’s impact on the Taylor community, where the dress code is simply one component of the broader pursuit for whole-person wellness.

“I think (the KSAC) is a beautiful way of tying the community together,” Maloney said.

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