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Kesha loses court battle

Sony insists Kesha retract allegations

By Kaitie Christenberry | Echo

Kesha articleOver the past months, Kesha Sebert battled Dr. Luke and Sony Music in court to be free from her recording contract. On Wednesday, the New York Supreme Court dismissed Kesha’s sexual assault claims against Dr. Luke in the Sebert v. Gottwald case.

Judge Shirley Werner Kornreich said that Kesha’s allegations didn’t constitute human rights crimes. She also said that the statute of limitations had expired and the case couldn’t proceed because the claims were filed outside of New York.

Sony offered Kesha a deal that they would release her from her contract if she agreed to retract her claims that Gottwald raped and abused her.

On her Instagram, Kesha said, “I will not take back the truth. I would rather let the truth ruin my career than lie for a monster ever again.”

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