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More than an IOTA

Metcalf’s first art exhibit of the year

One of the pieces created by artist Linnea Spransy.

One of the pieces created by artist Linnea Spransy. (Photo by Hannah Bolds.)

By Grace Hooley | Echo 

As anxious students begin this year’s journey into Taylor’s community, curious eyes turn to the Metcalf Gallery. Among the boxes, clothing, decorations and greetings, Metcalf kicked off the semester with a Linnea Spransy art exhibit.
From August 24 to September 30, Monday through Friday, the exhibit will be available for viewing in the Metcalf Gallery.

Spransy’s theme is IOTA, referring to Matthew 5:18 which highlights how not one tiny letter or pen stroke will leave the “Law” until everything is fulfilled.

Through her artwork, Spransy displays the tiniest particles and “iotas” God could have used to create the universe. She pulls from Eastern and Western cultures to accomplish this theme in her exhibit.

“This one (exhibit) is a little unique,” said Kim Hapner, art department program assistant, referring to the early opening of the exhibit for Taylor’s Colleague’s College.

Suzanne Dittenber, gallery director and professor for print, drawing and painting classes, curated the exhibit. Dittenber and Josh Welker, sculpture professor, asked Spransy to come create the first professional exhibit for the semester. They plan to have three professional exhibits this semester and one in February.
Spransy attended Yale and received her master’s degree in fine arts in 2001. The artist’s work has been displayed throughout the United States, including in New York City, London and Dundee, Scotland. She is currently living and working in Los Angeles. Spransy also started an art organization there, which includes international artists, a studio program and a gallery.

Hapner said, “I would hope that (the exhibit) would give them an idea of the professional caliber of artists they are being exposed to.”

Spransy will give a lecture on her artwork on September 8 at 6 p.m. There will also be a reception. Anyone who misses the exhibit is welcome to view it on the Gallery Blog at

More of Spransy’s biography and work can be found at

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